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IntentionalProcess35A Process that has a specific purpose for the Agent who performs it.^
    Investigating8The class of IntentionalPsychologicalProcesses where the agent attempts to obtain information (...^
        ResearchingWeaponOfMassDestruction.Conducting research on the development of Weapons of Mass Destruction.^
        ReconnaissanceOperation9A mission undertaken to obtain, by visual observation or other detection methods, information about...^
        OffensiveInformationOperation1The integrated use of assigned and supporting capabilities and activities, mutually supported by in...^
        Espionage.Any Investigating by one Government of another Government where the second Government does not ...^
        Polling.Investigating what people believe (and in what proportions) by asking a set of structured questions...^
        Experimenting.Investigating the truth of a Proposition by constructing and observing a trial. Note that the t...^
        DiagnosticProcess1A Process that is carried out for the purpose of determining the nature of a DiseaseOrSyndrome....^
        Searching.An IntentionalProcess which has the purpose for a CognitiveAgent to learn the location of a P...^

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