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Artifact58An Object that is the product of a Making.^
    GameArtifact7An Artifact that is designed to be used as an instrument in a Game.^
        BaseballBase1Any of four regions which must each be successively touched after a BaseballHit in order to compl...^
        BaseballBat.A bat which is used to hit the ball in Baseball.^
        PitchersMound.The place where the pitcher in Baseball stands when he is throwing balls to the batter.^
        GameBoard.A GameArtifact which is intended to be used as the game area for playing a particular game.^
        GamePiece4A GameArtifact that is moved around in a game area.^
        GameGoal.The location where a GameShot must end up if it is to constitute a Score.^
        PlayingCard.A small piece of stiff paper with markings which is intended to be used for playing card games.^

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