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Text141A LinguisticExpression or set of LinguisticExpressions that perform a specific function related...^
    FactualText19The class of Texts that purport to reveal facts about the world. Such texts are often known as in...^
        Announcement.Any Text which contains information about an event in the future.^
        PerformanceProgram.A Text that describes the events and/or participants in a Performance.^
        Documentary.A MotionPicture which purports to represent the facts about a person, event, etc.^
        Message.A FactualText which is intended to be delivered to and read by a Human, GroupOfPeople or Or...^
        Report5A relatively brief FactualText, often it describes the findings of a study or experiment, or a se...^
        Letter.A brief message which is intended to be mailed to a person or Organization.^
        HistoricalAccount1A FactualAccount that describes significant events that occurred in the past.^
        ReferenceBook3A Book which is not intended to be read from cover to cover, but which is meant to be consulted t...^
        Electrocardiogram.The result of Electrocardiography - a graph of activity of the Heart.^
        PartyPlatform.A Text which is authored by a PoliticalParty and which contains the core goals and principles o...^

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