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Civilian8Someone who is not a member of an active MilitaryOrganization.^
    DislocatedCivilian7A broad term that includes a displaced person, an evacuee, an expellee, an internally displaced per...^
        DisplacedPerson.A civilian who is involuntarily outside the national boundaries of his or her country. See also eva...^
        InternallyDisplacedPerson.Any person who has left their residence by reason of real or imagined danger but has not left the t...^
        Evacuee.A civilian removed from a place of residence for reasons of personal security or the requirements o...^
        Expellee.A civilian outside the boundaries of the country of his or her nationality or ethnic origin who is ...^
        Migrant.A person who (1) belongs to a normally migratory culture who may cross national boundaries, or (2) ...^
        Refugee.A person who, by reason of real or imagined danger, has left their home country or country of their...^
        StatelessPerson.Civilian who has been denationalized or whose country of origin cannot be determined or who cannot ...^

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