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BiologicalAttribute251Attributes that apply specifically to instances of Organism.^
    DiseaseOrSyndrome83A BiologicalAttribute which qualifies something that alters or interferes with a normal process, ...^
        LifeThreateningDisease22A DiseaseOrSyndrome that has been observed to cause the death of Humans.^
        AcquiredImmunoDeficiencySyndrome.A disease that attacks the immune system and that is caused by the HIVVirus. Patients are usually...^
        TyphoidFever.A life-threatening disease that is caused by SalmonellaTyphi.^
        NonspecificDisease.The class of DiseaseOrSyndromes that are not caused by a single type of Microorganism.^
        InfectiousDisease60Any DiseaseOrSyndrome that is caused by a Microorganism.^
        Disability4Disability is a class of DiseaseOrSyndrome that describes impairments, activity limitations or ...^
        PsychologicalDysfunction2A clinically significant dysfunction whose major manifestation is behavioral or psychological. Thes...^

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