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LinguisticCommunication14A Communication that involves the transfer of information via a LinguisticExpression.^
    Committing5Instances of this Class commit the agent to some future course of action. For example, Bob prom...^
        Threatening.Any Committing where the thing promised is something that is deemed undesirable by the destinat...^
        ClosingContract.Completing a Contract of some sort, e.g. the purchase of a house, closing a business deal, etc.^
        Offering3The subclass of Committing in which a CognitiveAgent offers something Physical to another age...^
        SigningAnAgreement.SigningAnAgreement is the class of actions in which an agent affixes a signature, stamp, or other...^
        Reserving.Reserving is a type of Committing that dedicates a specific object or service to a destination ...^

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