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Motion369Any Process of movement.^
    BodyMotion60Any Motion where the agent is an Organism and the patient is a BodyPart.^
        Dodging.Purposely moving one's body in such a way as to avoid being hit by something.^
        Mounting.Any BodyMotion which results in being On something else.^
        Stepping.The BodyMotion of extending one foot forward and then bringing the other foot to the same lateral...^
        Jumping.Any MotionUpward which is done by one's body and which results in a situation where one's feet ar...^
        Somersaulting.Any BodyMotion which begins and ends in a Sitting position and where the feet roll over the hea...^
        Indicating.Pointing out a person, place or thing with one's hand or with an Artifact.^
        Crawling.A form of locomotion where a Bipedal animal changes location in part by use of the arms or hands ...^
        Chewing.Breaking up or mashing Food with one's teeth.^
        Inclining1Moving one's body downward from a vertical position. Note that this class covers cases of leaning f...^
        Ducking.Purposely moving one's body downward in such a way as to avoid being hit by something.^
        Throwing1Any instance of Impelling where the instrument is an Arm.^
        LyingDown.The BodyMotion of moving from a Sitting to a Prostrate position.^
        KneelingDown.The act of assuming the BodyPosition of resting one's weight on one's Knees.^
        SittingDown.The BodyMotion of moving from a Standing to a Sitting position.^
        StandingUp.The BodyMotion of moving from a Sitting to a Standing position.^
        EyeMotion3Any Motion where a patient is the agent's own Eyelid or Eyelids.^
        Shrugging.Moving the Shoulders in such a way that the motion is intended to express something to someone el...^
        Trembling1Any BodyMotion which is involuntary and which is repeated many times over a short time frame, e.g...^
        Dismounting.Any BodyMotion which results in not being On something else.^
        Ambulating3Any BodyMotion which is accomplished by means of the legs of an Animal for the purpose of movin...^
        Swimming2Any deliberate and controlled BodyMotion through water that is accomplished by an Organism.^
        Dancing.Any BodyMotion of Humans which is deliberately coordinated with music.^
        Gesture25Any BodyMotion, e.g. a hand wave, a nod of the head, a smile, which is also an instance of Comm...^

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