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Substance460An Object in which every part is similar to every other in every relevant respect. More precisely...^
    BiologicallyActiveSubstance135A Substance that is capable of inducing a change in the structure or functioning of an Organism...^
        BiochemicalAgent47A BiologicalAgent or a ChemicalAgent.^
        Toxin14BiologicalAgents that are a toxic BiologicallyActiveSubstance produced by an Organism or that...^
        ChemicalAgent26Synthetic compounds that are not an analogue of anything occurring naturally and that can result in...^
        Dimercaprol.A chelating agent often used to treat Lewisite, as well as Lead Poisoning.^
        Atropine.An anticholinergic agent.^
        PyridostigmineBromide.A substance that has been shown to protect lower primates from the lethal effects of Soman. Altho...^
        CSGas.2-chlorobenzalmalononitrile (chemical formula: C10H5ClN2) is a substance that is used as a riot con...^
        Steroid1A class of OrganicCompounds having the same basic chemical structure and having significant physi...^
        Alkaloid.A ChemicalBase found in Plants that has physiological and psychological effects.^
        Medicine.Any BiologicallyActiveSubstance which has a therapeutic effect under certain conditions.^
        Stimulant1Any BiologicallyActiveSubstance which has the effect of stimulating the central nervous system, i...^
        Depressant26Any BiologicallyActiveSubstance which has the effect of depressing the central nervous system, i....^
        Opium.A substance harvested from the seed capsules of the opium poppy that contains various powerful alka...^
        Antibiotic7A BiologicallyActiveSubstance than can kill instances of Bacterium.^
        Antigen2Any BiologicallyActiveSubstance that has the capacity to stimulate the production of Antibodies...^
        Nutrient24A BiologicallyActiveSubstance required by an Organism. It is generally ingested as Food, and ...^
        Hormone3In Animals, a chemical secreted by an endocrine gland whose products are released into the circul...^
        ControlledSubstance13ControlledSubstance is the subclass of BiologicallyActiveSubstances whose distribution and use ...^
        Pyrethrum.Pyrethrum is the subclass of BiologicallyActiveSubstance consisting of insecticidal derivations...^

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