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Sigma KEE - KilowattHour
KilowattHour(kilowatt hour)B.T.U., Board_of_Trade_unit, kW-hr, kilowatt_hour

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation KilowattHour EnglishLanguage "KilowattHour is a UnitOfMeasure for energy that represents 1000 Watts (1 kW) of power expended over one hour (1 h) of time. This is the unit commonly used in commercial power contexts. It is equivalent to 3,600,000 Joules.") Economy.kif 2007-2010
(instance KilowattHour CompositeUnitOfMeasure) Economy.kif 2004-2004 Kilowatt hour is an instance of CompositeUnitOfMeasure

appearance as argument number 2

(abbreviation "kWh" KilowattHour) Economy.kif 2005-2005 "kWh" is an abbreviation of kilowatt hour
(termFormat ChineseLanguage KilowattHour "千瓦时") domainEnglishFormat.kif 32482-32482
(termFormat ChineseTraditionalLanguage KilowattHour "千瓦時") domainEnglishFormat.kif 32481-32481
(termFormat EnglishLanguage KilowattHour "kilowatt hour") domainEnglishFormat.kif 32480-32480


    (equal ?AMOUNT
        (MeasureFn ?X KilowattHour))
    (equal ?AMOUNT
            (MultiplicationFn 3600000 ?X) Joule)))
Economy.kif 2015-2017


    (MeasureFn 1 KilowattHour)
    (MeasureFn 3.6
        (MegaFn Joule)))
Economy.kif 2012-2012 1 Kilowatt hour(s) is equal to 3.6 1 million joules(s)
    (MeasureFn 1 KilowattHour)
    (MeasureFn 3600000 Joule))
Economy.kif 2013-2013 1 Kilowatt hour(s) is equal to 3600000 joule(s)

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