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meet%p{s} meet%p{s}
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MedicalDoctor (medical doctor) maxDeviceStorageTemp (maximum device storage temperature)
MedicalEquipmentAndSuppliesManufacturing (medical equipment and supplies manufacturing) maxRoomCapacity (maximum capacity)
MedicalLaboratories (medical laboratories) maxValue (maxValue)
MedicalResearcher (MedicalResearcher) maximumPayloadCapacity (maximum payload capacity)
MedicalSchool (medical school) maximumPayloadHeightWidth (maximum payload height width)
MedicalScience (medical science) maximumReplications (maximum replications)
MedicalService (medical service) mealPlanInclusion (meal plan inclusion)
MedicinalAndBotanicalManufacturing (medicinal and botanical manufacturing) meanSeaLevel (mean sea level)
Medicine (medicine) measure (measure)
MediterraneanClimateZone (mediterranean climate zone) measurementReading (measurement reading)
MediterraneanCuisine (Mediterranean Cuisine) meatOfAnimal (meat of animal)
MediterraneanSea (mediterranean sea) meceCollection (mutually exclusive completely exhaustive)
MediumBiodiversity (medium biodiversity) medicalPatient (medical patient)
MediumLengthRunwayAirport (medium length runway airport) mediumAltitudeWindSpeed (medium altitude wind speed)
MednyjAleutLanguage (mednyj aleut language) mediumAltitudeWindVelocity (medium altitude wind velocity)
Meet%p{s} meet%p{s}
Meeting (meeting) meetsSpatially (meets spatially)
MegaByte (mega byte) meetsTemporally (meets temporally)
MegaFn (mega) meltingPoint (melting point)
MegidoIsrael (megido israel) member (member)
MeglenoRomanianLanguage (megleno romanian language) memberAtTime (member at time)
MeholaIsrael (mehola israel) memberCount (member count)
Meitnerium (meitnerium) memberType (member type)
MekholahIsrael (mekholah israel) memberTypeCount (member type count)
Melioidosis (melioidosis) memorySize (memory size)
Melon (melon) middleName (middle name)
Melting (melting) militaryAge (military age)
MemberFn (member) militaryExpendituresFractionOfGDP (military expenditures fraction of GDP)
MemberRoleFn (member role) militaryExpendituresFractionOfGDPInPeriod (military expenditures fraction of GDP in period)
MemberStatus (member status) militaryExpendituresInUSDollars (military expenditures in US dollars)
MembershipApplicant (membership applicant) militaryExpendituresInUSDollarsInPeriod (military expenditures in US dollars in period)
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