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Sigma KEE - DigitalDataStorageDevice

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation DigitalDataStorageDevice EnglishLanguage "An instance of DigitalDataStorageDevice is an ElectronicDataStorageDevice intended to be used for storing data (information) in some digital (discrete bit) encoding scheme designed for interpretation by computers.") Media.kif 703-707
(subclass DigitalDataStorageDevice ElectronicDataStorageDevice) Media.kif 702-702

appearance as argument number 2

(subclass CompactDisc DigitalDataStorageDevice) Media.kif 1157-1157
(subclass ComputerDisk DigitalDataStorageDevice) ComputerInput.kif 685-685
(subclass DVD DigitalDataStorageDevice) Media.kif 1258-1258
(subclass DigitalAudioTapeCassette DigitalDataStorageDevice) Media.kif 1325-1325
(subclass HardDiskDrive DigitalDataStorageDevice) QoSontology.kif 77-77
(subclass InternalDigitalDataStorageDevice DigitalDataStorageDevice) ComputerInput.kif 676-676
(subclass OpticalDisc DigitalDataStorageDevice) Media.kif 1132-1132
(subclass ReadOnlyMemoryDataStorage DigitalDataStorageDevice) Media.kif 766-766
(subclass RemovableDigitalDataStorageDevice DigitalDataStorageDevice) ComputerInput.kif 680-680
(subclass RewritableDataStorage DigitalDataStorageDevice) Media.kif 739-739
(subclass SolidStateDataStorageDevice DigitalDataStorageDevice) ComputerInput.kif 818-818
(subclass WriteOnceDataStorage DigitalDataStorageDevice) Media.kif 711-711


        (instance ?OBJ DigitalDataStorageDevice)
        (part ?PART ?OBJ)
        (instance ?PART DigitalData))
    (exists (?SCHEME ?LIST)
            (codeMapping ?SCHEME ?PART ?NUM)
            (represents ?LIST ?SCHEME)
                (inList ?NUM ?LIST)
                (instance ?NUM BinaryNumber)))))
Media.kif 801-812


    (instance ?DATA DigitalData)
    (exists (?DEVICE)
            (instance ?DEVICE DigitalDataStorageDevice)
            (located ?DATA ?DEVICE))))
QoSontology.kif 1861-1866

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