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Sigma KEE - dampingRatio

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation dampingRatio EnglishLanguage "(dampingRation ?SYSTEM ?NUM) is a measure of to what degree a system is free to oscillate or not. In an overdamped system ?NUM is greater than 1. The system returns (exponentially decays) to equilibrium without oscillating. Larger values of the damping ratio signify a return to equilibrium more slowly. In a critically damped ?NUM equals 1. The system returns to equilibrium as quickly as possible without oscillating. This is often desired for the damping of systems such as doors. In an underdamped system 0 < ?NUM < 1. The system oscillates (at reduced frequency compared to the undamped case) with the amplitude gradually decreasing to zero. Finally, in an undamped system ?NUM is 0. The system oscillates at its natural resonantFrequency. [adapted from Wikipedia].") Cars.kif 792-801
(domain dampingRatio 1 PhysicalSystem) Cars.kif 789-789
(domain dampingRatio 2 RealNumber) Cars.kif 790-790
(instance dampingRatio BinaryPredicate) Cars.kif 788-788

appearance as argument number 2

(format EnglishLanguage dampingRatio "the damping ratio of %1 is %n %2") Cars.kif 791-791
(relatedInternalConcept resonantFrequency dampingRatio) Cars.kif 825-825


        (dampingRatio ?P ?R)
        (greaterThan ?R 0)
        (instance ?T Tremor)
        (patient ?T ?P)
        (holdsDuring ?T1
            (physicalAmplitude ?T ?A1))
        (holdsDuring ?T2
            (physicalAmplitude ?T ?A2))
        (during ?T1 ?T)
        (during ?T2 ?T)
        (earlier ?T1 ?T2))
    (greaterThan ?A1 ?A2))
Cars.kif 803-816
        (instance ?A1 Automobile)
        (instance ?A2 Automobile)
        (instance ?S1 AutomobileShock)
        (part ?S1 ?A1)
            (exists (?S2)
                    (instance ?S2 AutomobileShock)
                    (part ?S2 ?A2))))
        (dampingRatio ?A1 ?R1)
        (dampingRatio ?A2 ?R2))
    (greaterThan ?R2 ?R1))
Cars.kif 844-857

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