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Sigma KEE - Number

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation Number ChineseLanguage "这是用来量度东西的数量或者某种东西的分量。 Numbers 可分为 RealNumberComplexNumberImaginaryNumber。") chinese_format.kif 1727-1728
(documentation Number EnglishLanguage "A measure of how many things there are, or how much there is, of a certain kind. Numbers are subclassed into RealNumber, ComplexNumber, and ImaginaryNumber.") Merge.kif 1735-1737
(partition Number RealNumber ImaginaryNumber ComplexNumber) Merge.kif 1733-1733 partition Number, RealNumber, ImaginaryNumber and ComplexNumber
(subclass Number Quantity) Merge.kif 1732-1732 subclass Number and Quantity

appearance as argument number 2

(range AverageFn Number) Merge.kif 3156-3156 range AverageFn and Number
(range ListSumFn Number) Merge.kif 3125-3125 range ListSumFn and Number
(subclass ComplexNumber Number) Merge.kif 1916-1916 subclass ComplexNumber and Number
(subclass ImaginaryNumber Number) Merge.kif 1807-1807 subclass ImaginaryNumber and Number
(subclass MultipoleVariable Number) engineering.kif 288-288 subclass MultipoleVariable and Number
(subclass RealNumber Number) Merge.kif 1799-1799 subclass RealNumber and Number
(termFormat ChineseLanguage Number "数字") chinese_format.kif 858-858
(termFormat EnglishLanguage Number "number") english_format.kif 923-923

appearance as argument number 3

(domain RationalNumberFn 1 Number) Merge.kif 4841-4841 domain RationalNumberFn, 1 and Number
(domain RealNumberFn 1 Number) Merge.kif 4848-4848 domain RealNumberFn, 1 and Number
(domain VarianceAverageFn 1 Number) Weather.kif 1054-1054 domain VarianceAverageFn, 1 and Number
(domain passengerCapacityMaxNumber 2 Number) Transportation.kif 3236-3236 domain passengerCapacityMaxNumber, 2 and Number


        (equal ?SUM
            (ListSumFn ?L))
        (equal ?N
            (ListOrderFn ?L ?S)))
    (instance ?N Number))
Merge.kif 3130-3134
        (GreatestCommonDivisorFn @ROW) ?NUMBER)
        (inList ?ELEMENT
            (ListFn @ROW))
        (instance ?ELEMENT Number)))
Merge.kif 4664-4669
        (LeastCommonMultipleFn @ROW) ?NUMBER)
        (inList ?ELEMENT
            (ListFn @ROW))
        (instance ?ELEMENT Number)))
Merge.kif 4737-4742

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