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Sigma KEE - Attribute
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VerbNet: contiguous_location-47.8|predate, contiguous_location-47.8|predate, appear-48.1.1|arise, require-103|demand, reach-51.8|hit, cost-54.2|cost, appear-48.1.1|arise, withdraw-82|bow_out, appear-48.1.1|break, succeed-74|manage, get-13.5.1|buy, require-103|demand, confront-98|handle, succeed-74|manage, correlate-86.1|co-occur, correlate-86.1|co-occur, appear-48.1.1|come, appear-48.1.1|arise, build-26.1|make, amalgamate-22.2|contrast, correlate-86.1|co-occur, cost-54.2|cost, amalgamate-22.2|contrast, confront-98|handle, require-103|demand, appear-48.1.1|rise, differ-23.4|differ, cheat-10.6|divest, cheat-10.6|divest, contiguous_location-47.8|predate, contiguous_location-47.8|predate, build-26.1|make, masquerade-29.6|serve, appear-48.1.1|rise, confront-98|handle, reach-51.8|hit, relate-86.2|involve, establish-55.5|innovate, establish-55.5|innovate, relate-86.2|involve, appear-48.1.1|come, exist-47.1|linger, seem-109|be, succeed-74|manage, register-54.1|measure, require-103|demand, require-103|demand, succeed-74|manage, own-100|possess, require-103|demand, ...

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation Attribute ChineseLanguage "这是我们不能够或选择不去具体化为 Object 的子类别的 质量。") chinese_format.kif 1710-1711
(documentation Attribute EnglishLanguage "Qualities which we cannot or choose not to reify into subclasses of.") Merge.kif 1608-1609
(externalImage Attribute " 0/ 03/ Liberation-compare.png") pictureList.kif 10479-10479
(externalImage Attribute " 0/ 04/ NordJW-06_Mudpaws_Duke_Silver.jpg") pictureList.kif 10472-10472
(externalImage Attribute " 0/ 0b/ Fiddler_crab.jpg") pictureList.kif 9913-9913
(externalImage Attribute " 0/ 0e/ Big_ben.jpg") pictureList.kif 10474-10474
(externalImage Attribute " 1/ 1b/ Spicularia.PNG") pictureList.kif 10475-10475
(externalImage Attribute " 3/ 3a/ Young_and_old.jpg") pictureList.kif 10473-10473
(externalImage Attribute " 4/ 4a/ Tall_Sundew.jpg") pictureList.kif 10476-10476
(externalImage Attribute " 4/ 4f/ Stalinist_and_19_century_compare_sizes.jpg") pictureList.kif 10477-10477
(externalImage Attribute " 6/ 6e/ ASCII_notepad_acidview_compare.png") pictureList.kif 10480-10480
(externalImage Attribute " 7/ 70/ Shroud_positive_negative_compare.jpg") pictureList.kif 10481-10481
(externalImage Attribute " e/ e3/ Remebrance_poppy_ww2_section_of_Aust_war_memorial.jpg") pictureList.kif 10471-10471
(partition Attribute InternalAttribute RelationalAttribute) Merge.kif 1606-1606 partition Attribute, InternalAttribute and RelationalAttribute
(subclass Attribute Abstract) Merge.kif 1604-1604 subclass Attribute and Abstract

appearance as argument number 2

(instance BasicPH Attribute) Food.kif 759-759 instance BasicPH and Attribute
(instance CanopiedVegetation Attribute) Geography.kif 5820-5820 instance CanopiedVegetation and Attribute
(instance Crosswind Attribute) Weather.kif 286-286 instance Crosswind and Attribute
(instance DenseVegetation Attribute) Geography.kif 5825-5825 instance DenseVegetation and Attribute
(instance GroundCoverVegetation Attribute) Geography.kif 5830-5830 instance GroundCoverVegetation and Attribute
(instance Headwind Attribute) Weather.kif 292-292 instance Headwind and Attribute
(instance OpenSea Attribute) Geography.kif 4415-4415 instance OpenSea and Attribute
(instance Paved Attribute) Mid-level-ontology.kif 12803-12803 instance Paved and Attribute
(instance RepresentativeSample Attribute) UXExperimentalTerms.kif 615-615 instance RepresentativeSample and Attribute
(instance ScatteredVegetation Attribute) Geography.kif 5835-5835 instance ScatteredVegetation and Attribute
(instance SparseVegetation Attribute) Geography.kif 5840-5840 instance SparseVegetation and Attribute
(instance StandardAmbientTemperaturePressure Attribute) Weather.kif 1181-1181 instance StandardAmbientTemperaturePressure and Attribute
(instance Tailwind Attribute) Weather.kif 299-299 instance Tailwind and Attribute
(instance Unpaved Attribute) Mid-level-ontology.kif 12804-12804 instance Unpaved and Attribute
(instance Vegan Attribute) Food.kif 954-954 instance Vegan and Attribute
(instance Vegetarian Attribute) Food.kif 945-945 instance Vegetarian and Attribute
(subclass AccountAttribute Attribute) UXExperimentalTerms.kif 794-794 subclass AccountAttribute and Attribute
(subclass ExperimentAttribute Attribute) UXExperimentalTerms.kif 4601-4601 subclass ExperimentAttribute and Attribute
(subclass InternalAttribute Attribute) Merge.kif 1712-1712 subclass InternalAttribute and Attribute
(subclass ListingAttribute Attribute) UXExperimentalTerms.kif 366-366 subclass ListingAttribute and Attribute
(subclass RelationalAttribute Attribute) Merge.kif 1723-1723 subclass RelationalAttribute and Attribute
(subclass TransactionAttribute Attribute) UXExperimentalTerms.kif 1835-1835 subclass TransactionAttribute and Attribute
(termFormat ChineseLanguage Attribute "属性") chinese_format.kif 855-855
(termFormat EnglishLanguage Attribute "attribute") english_format.kif 917-917

appearance as argument number 3

(disjointDecomposition Abstract Quantity Attribute SetOrClass Relation Proposition) Merge.kif 1574-1574 disjointDecomposition Abstract, Quantity, Attribute, SetOrClass, Relation and Proposition
(domain AttrFn 2 Attribute) Merge.kif 1682-1682 domain AttrFn, 2 and Attribute
(domain ExtensionFn 1 Attribute) Merge.kif 1665-1665 domain ExtensionFn, 1 and Attribute
(domain attribute 2 Attribute) Merge.kif 1625-1625 domain attribute, 2 and Attribute
(domain contraryAttribute 1 Attribute) Merge.kif 456-456 domain contraryAttribute, 1 and Attribute
(domain contraryAttributeWRT 1 Attribute) ComputerInput.kif 17-17 domain contraryAttributeWRT, 1 and Attribute
(domain contraryAttributeWRT 2 Attribute) ComputerInput.kif 18-18 domain contraryAttributeWRT, 2 and Attribute
(domain exhaustiveAttribute 2 Attribute) Merge.kif 490-490 domain exhaustiveAttribute, 2 and Attribute
(domain greaterThanByQuality 3 Attribute) Merge.kif 716-716 domain greaterThanByQuality, 3 and Attribute
(domain laborForceFractionByOccupation 2 Attribute) Economy.kif 1411-1411 domain laborForceFractionByOccupation, 2 and Attribute
(domain laborForceFractionByOccupationInPeriod 2 Attribute) Economy.kif 1393-1393 domain laborForceFractionByOccupationInPeriod, 2 and Attribute
(domain manner 2 Attribute) Merge.kif 1637-1637 domain manner, 2 and Attribute
(domain property 2 Attribute) Merge.kif 1613-1613 domain property, 2 and Attribute
(domain subAttribute 1 Attribute) Merge.kif 653-653 domain subAttribute, 1 and Attribute
(domain subAttribute 2 Attribute) Merge.kif 654-654 domain subAttribute, 2 and Attribute
(domain subjectiveAttribute 2 Attribute) Dining.kif 310-310 domain subjectiveAttribute, 2 and Attribute
(domain successorAttribute 1 Attribute) Merge.kif 675-675 domain successorAttribute, 1 and Attribute
(domain successorAttribute 2 Attribute) Merge.kif 676-676 domain successorAttribute, 2 and Attribute
(domain successorAttributeClosure 1 Attribute) Merge.kif 695-695 domain successorAttributeClosure, 1 and Attribute
(domain successorAttributeClosure 2 Attribute) Merge.kif 696-696 domain successorAttributeClosure, 2 and Attribute
(domain vegetationTypePattern 3 Attribute) Geography.kif 5814-5814 domain vegetationTypePattern, 3 and Attribute
(domain windRelativePosition 2 Attribute) Weather.kif 279-279 domain windRelativePosition, 2 and Attribute
(domainSubclass exhaustiveAttribute 1 Attribute) Merge.kif 489-489 domainSubclass exhaustiveAttribute, 1 and Attribute


        (instance ?ATT1 Attribute)
        (instance ?ATT2 Attribute)
        (subrelation ?PRED attribute))
            (contraryAttributeWRT ?ATT1 ?ATT2 ?PRED)
            (?PRED ?ENTITY ?ATT1)
            (?PRED ?ENTITY ?ATT2))))
ComputerInput.kif 43-52
        (offers ?AGENT ?ATTR)
        (instance ?ATTR Attribute))
        (exists (?OBJ ?SELL)
                (instance ?SELL Selling)
                (attribute ?OBJ ?ATTR)
                (patient ?SELL ?OBJ)
                (agent ?SELL ?AGENT))) Possibility))
Catalog.kif 108-118
        (offersAtTime ?AGENT ?ATTR ?TIMEINT)
        (instance ?ATTR Attribute))
    (holdsDuring ?TIMEINT
        (offers ?AGENT ?ATTR)))
Catalog.kif 147-152
        (subclass ?X ?CLASS)
        (instance ?I ?X)
        (instance ?ATTR Attribute))
        (property ?I ?ATTR)
        (equal ?X
            (AttrFn ?CLASS ?ATTR))))
Merge.kif 1695-1703


        (exhaustiveAttribute ?CLASS @ROW)
        (inList ?ATTR
            (ListFn @ROW)))
    (instance ?ATTR Attribute))
Merge.kif 498-502
        (instance ?SAMPLE_COLL Collection)
        (instance ?POP_COLL Collection)
        (instance ?EXPERIMENT Experimenting)
        (instance ?AGENT CognitiveAgent)
        (agent ?EXPERIMENT ?AGENT)
        (statisticalPopulation ?SAMPLE_COLL ?POP_COLL ?EXPERIMENT))
    (forall (?ATTRIBUTE)
                (instance ?ATTRIBUTE Attribute)
                (property ?SAMPLE_COLL ?ATTRIBUTE)
                (inScopeOfInterest ?AGENT ?ATTRIBUTE)
                    (equal ?ATTRIBUTE RepresentativeSample)))
            (property ?POP_COLL ?ATTRIBUTE))))
UXExperimentalTerms.kif 625-641
    (contraryAttribute @ROW)
        (inList ?ELEMENT
            (ListFn @ROW))
        (instance ?ELEMENT Attribute)))
Merge.kif 463-467

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