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Sigma KEE - overlapsPartially

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation overlapsPartially ChineseLanguage "(overlapsPartially ?OBJ1 ?OBJ2)的意思是 ?OBJ1 和 ?OBJ2有共同的部分,但是 ?OBJ1 或 ?OBJ2 都不是对方的一个 part。") chinese_format.kif 2832-2833
(documentation overlapsPartially EnglishLanguage "(overlapsPartially ?OBJ1 ?OBJ2) means that ?OBJ1 and ?OBJ2 have part(s) in common, but neither ?OBJ1 nor ?OBJ2 is a part of the other.") Merge.kif 9010-9012
(domain overlapsPartially 1 Object) Merge.kif 9014-9014 domain overlapsPartially, 1 and Object
(domain overlapsPartially 2 Object) Merge.kif 9015-9015 domain overlapsPartially, 2 and Object
(instance overlapsPartially BinaryPredicate) Merge.kif 9002-9002 instance overlapsPartially and BinaryPredicate
(instance overlapsPartially IrreflexiveRelation) Merge.kif 9005-9005 instance overlapsPartially and IrreflexiveRelation
(instance overlapsPartially PartialValuedRelation) Merge.kif 9004-9004 instance overlapsPartially and PartialValuedRelation
(instance overlapsPartially SymmetricRelation) Merge.kif 9003-9003 instance overlapsPartially and SymmetricRelation

appearance as argument number 2

(format ChineseLanguage overlapsPartially "%1 和 %2 %n{doesn't} 部分重叠") chinese_format.kif 369-369
(format EnglishLanguage overlapsPartially "%1 %n{doesn't} partially overlap%p{s} with %2") english_format.kif 373-373
(termFormat ChineseLanguage overlapsPartially "部分重叠") chinese_format.kif 370-370
(termFormat ChineseTraditionalLanguage overlapsPartially "部分重疊") domainEnglishFormat.kif 43668-43668
(termFormat EnglishLanguage overlapsPartially "overlaps partially") domainEnglishFormat.kif 43667-43667


    (overlapsPartially ?OBJ1 ?OBJ2)
            (part ?OBJ1 ?OBJ2))
            (part ?OBJ2 ?OBJ1))
        (exists (?OBJ3)
                (part ?OBJ3 ?OBJ1)
                (part ?OBJ3 ?OBJ2)))))
Merge.kif 9017-9025 overlapsPartially Object and Object part Object and Object part Object and Object Object part Object and Object part Object and Object
    (overlapsPartially ?OBJ1 ?OBJ2)
    (overlapsSpatially ?OBJ1 ?OBJ2))
Merge.kif 9027-9029

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