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Sigma KEE - minCylinderVolume

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation minCylinderVolume EnglishLanguage "The volume of the CombustionChamber of the EngineCylinder at the maximum point of compression of the cylinder.") Cars.kif 1859-1861
(domain minCylinderVolume 1 Engine) Cars.kif 1854-1854 minCylinderVolume の数値 1 引数は Engineinstance では %n
(domain minCylinderVolume 2 VolumeMeasure) Cars.kif 1855-1855 minCylinderVolume の数値 2 引数は 容積測定instance では %n
(instance minCylinderVolume BinaryPredicate) Cars.kif 1853-1853 minCylinderVolume2進述語instance では %n

appearance as argument number 2

(format EnglishLanguage minCylinderVolume "the minimum volume of the cylinders in the engine %1 is %n %2") Cars.kif 1856-1857


        (instance ?EC EngineCycle)
        (instance ?E InternalCombustionEngine)
        (instance ?CC CombustionChamber)
        (part ?CC ?E)
        (eventLocated ?EC ?E)
            (WhenFn ?EC)
            (minCylinderVolume ?E ?V1)))
        (exists (?V2 ?T)
                (during ?T
                    (WhenFn ?EC))
                (holdsDuring ?T
                    (measure ?CC ?V2))
                (greaterThan ?V1 ?V2)))))
Cars.kif 1863-1879


    (compressionRatio ?E ?R)
        (minCylinderVolume ?E
            (MeasureFn ?MIN ?M))
        (maxCylinderVolume ?E
            (MeasureFn ?MAX ?M))
        (equal ?R
            (DivisionFn ?MIN ?MAX))))
Cars.kif 1917-1922 compressionRatio Engine and 実数 minCylinderVolume Engine and 実数 測定単位(s) maxCylinderVolume Engine and 測定単位AX の 測定単位(s) 実数 実数 + 測定単位AX と equal では %n

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