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Sigma KEE - earthAltitude

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation earthAltitude EnglishLanguage "The altitude of an object above the sea level of PlanetEarth") Geography.kif 2703-2704
(domain earthAltitude 1 Object) Geography.kif 2706-2706 domain earthAltitude, 1 and オブジェクト
(domain earthAltitude 2 PhysicalQuantity) Geography.kif 2707-2707 domain earthAltitude, 2 and 物理量
(instance earthAltitude BinaryPredicate) Geography.kif 2705-2705 instance earthAltitude and 2進述語

appearance as argument number 2

(format EnglishLanguage earthAltitude "%1 is %2 above the ground") domainEnglishFormat.kif 832-832


    (earthAltitude ?OBJ ?ALT)
        (altitude ?OBJ ?SEA ?ALT)
        (surface ?SEA PlanetEarth)))
Geography.kif 2709-2713 earthAltitude オブジェクト and 長さ測定 altitude オブジェクト, 自己接続オブジェクト and 長さ測定 surface 自己接続オブジェクト and PlanetEarth
        (instance ?basin Basin)
        (instance ?area LandArea)
        (earthAltitude ?basin ?height1)
        (earthAltitude ?area ?height2)
        (orientation ?basin ?area Adjacent))
    (greaterThan ?height2 ?height1))
Geography.kif 4016-4023
        (instance ?place UndergroundArea)
        (earthAltitude ?place ?alt1)
        (surface ?ground PlanetEarth)
        (part ?area ?ground)
        (orientation ?place ?area Below)
        (earthAltitude ?area ?alt2))
    (greaterThan ?alt2 ?alt1))
Geography.kif 3781-3789
        (instance ?valley Valley)
        (instance ?area LandArea)
        (earthAltitude ?valley ?height1)
        (earthAltitude ?area ?height2)
        (orientation ?valley ?area Adjacent))
    (greaterThan ?height2 ?height1))
Geography.kif 4003-4010


    (instance ?incline SlopedArea)
    (exists (?top ?bottom ?height1 ?height2)
            (top ?top ?incline)
            (bottom ?bottom ?incline)
            (earthAltitude ?top ?height1)
            (earthAltitude ?bottom ?height2)
            (successorAttributeClosure ?height2 ?height1)
            (greaterThan ?height1 ?height2))))
Geography.kif 3886-3895