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Sigma KEE - domainSubclass

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation domainSubclass ChineseLanguage "这个 Predicate 是用来指定 Predicates 参数 类型的限制。 公式(domainSubclass ?REL ?INT ?CLASS) 的意思是在?REL关系中,每个元组的第?INT个元素, 必须是?CLASS种的一个子类别。") chinese_format.kif 1387-1389
(documentation domainSubclass EnglishLanguage "A Predicate that is used to specify argument type restrictions of Predicates. The formula (domainSubclass ?REL ?INT ?CLASS) means that the ?INT'th element of each tuple in the relation ?REL must be a subclass of ?CLASS.") Merge.kif 231-234
(domain domainSubclass 1 Relation) Merge.kif 228-228 domain domainSubclass, 1 and Relation
(domain domainSubclass 2 PositiveInteger) Merge.kif 229-229 domain domainSubclass, 2 and PositiveInteger
(domain domainSubclass 3 SetOrClass) Merge.kif 230-230 domain domainSubclass, 3 and SetOrClass
(instance domainSubclass TernaryPredicate) Merge.kif 227-227 instance domainSubclass and TernaryPredicate

appearance as argument number 2

(format ChineseLanguage domainSubclass "%1 的 %2 数量 %n 是 %3 的 subclass") chinese_format.kif 293-293
(format EnglishLanguage domainSubclass "the number %2 argument of %1 is %n a subclass of %3") english_format.kif 301-301
(termFormat ChineseLanguage domainSubclass "域子类") domainEnglishFormat.kif 20047-20047 termFormat ChineseLanguage, domainSubclass and "域子类"
(termFormat ChineseLanguage domainSubclass "子类别的定义域") chinese_format.kif 294-294 termFormat ChineseLanguage, domainSubclass and "子类别的定义域"
(termFormat ChineseTraditionalLanguage domainSubclass "域子類") domainEnglishFormat.kif 20046-20046 termFormat ChineseTraditionalLanguage, domainSubclass and "域子類"
(termFormat EnglishLanguage domainSubclass "domain subclass") domainEnglishFormat.kif 20045-20045 termFormat EnglishLanguage, domainSubclass and "domain subclass"


        (domainSubclass ?REL ?NUMBER ?CLASS)
        (instance ?REL Predicate)
        (?REL @ROW))
            (ListFn @ROW) ?NUMBER) ?CLASS))
Merge.kif 2894-2899
        (domainSubclass ?REL ?NUMBER ?CLASS1)
        (domainSubclass ?REL ?NUMBER ?CLASS2))
        (subclass ?CLASS1 ?CLASS2)
        (subclass ?CLASS2 ?CLASS1)))
Merge.kif 242-248
        (domainSubclass ?REL1 ?NUMBER ?CLASS1)
        (domainSubclass ?REL2 ?NUMBER ?CLASS2)
        (disjoint ?CLASS1 ?CLASS2))
    (disjointRelation ?REL1 ?REL2))
Merge.kif 425-430
        (subrelation ?REL1 ?REL2)
        (domainSubclass ?REL2 ?NUMBER ?CLASS1))
    (domainSubclass ?REL1 ?NUMBER ?CLASS1))
Merge.kif 236-240


        (subrelation ?REL1 ?REL2)
        (domainSubclass ?REL2 ?NUMBER ?CLASS1))
    (domainSubclass ?REL1 ?NUMBER ?CLASS1))
Merge.kif 236-240

appearance as argument number 0

(domainSubclass AgentOfOrganismFn 1 Organism) WMD.kif 87-87 domainSubclass AgentOfOrganismFn, 1 and Organism
(domainSubclass AlbumCopiesFn 2 DataStorageDevice) Music.kif 927-927 domainSubclass AlbumCopiesFn, 2 and DataStorageDevice
(domainSubclass CellPartFn 2 CellPart) VirusProteinAndCellPart.kif 584-584 domainSubclass CellPartFn, 2 and CellPart
(domainSubclass ContestFn 1 Contest) Music.kif 1039-1039 domainSubclass ContestFn, 1 and Contest
(domainSubclass CoveringFn 1 BodyPart) Mid-level-ontology.kif 27896-27896 domainSubclass CoveringFn, 1 and BodyPart
(domainSubclass DayFn 2 Month) Merge.kif 7925-7925 domainSubclass DayFn, 2 and Month
(domainSubclass DeadFn 1 Organism) Mid-level-ontology.kif 234-234 domainSubclass DeadFn, 1 and Organism
(domainSubclass DepartmentOfFn 2 Physical) Mid-level-ontology.kif 16024-16024 domainSubclass DepartmentOfFn, 2 and Physical
(domainSubclass EditionFn 1 ContentBearingObject) Merge.kif 14236-14236 domainSubclass EditionFn, 1 and ContentBearingObject
(domainSubclass FarmOfProductFn 1 Organism) Food.kif 1134-1134 domainSubclass FarmOfProductFn, 1 and Organism
(domainSubclass FiscalYearStartingFn 2 Year) Economy.kif 3726-3726 domainSubclass FiscalYearStartingFn, 2 and Year
(domainSubclass FoodForFn 1 Organism) Merge.kif 13693-13693 domainSubclass FoodForFn, 1 and Organism
(domainSubclass GeneralizedIntersectionFn 1 SetOrClass) Merge.kif 5080-5080 domainSubclass GeneralizedIntersectionFn, 1 and SetOrClass
(domainSubclass GeneralizedUnionFn 1 SetOrClass) Merge.kif 5069-5069 domainSubclass GeneralizedUnionFn, 1 and SetOrClass
(domainSubclass GeographicPartTypeFn 1 GeographicArea) Geography.kif 6251-6251 domainSubclass GeographicPartTypeFn, 1 and GeographicArea
(domainSubclass HourFn 2 Day) Merge.kif 7950-7950 domainSubclass HourFn, 2 and Day
(domainSubclass JuiceOfFn 1 FruitOrVegetable) Food.kif 639-639 domainSubclass JuiceOfFn, 1 and FruitOrVegetable
(domainSubclass MakingFn 1 Making) Merge.kif 16881-16881 domainSubclass MakingFn, 1 and Making
(domainSubclass MinuteFn 2 Hour) Merge.kif 7976-7976 domainSubclass MinuteFn, 2 and Hour
(domainSubclass MonthFn 1 Month) Merge.kif 7907-7907 domainSubclass MonthFn, 1 and Month
(domainSubclass MonthFn 2 Year) Merge.kif 7908-7908 domainSubclass MonthFn, 2 and Year
(domainSubclass NetworkCommunicationFn 1 ComputerNetwork) ComputingBrands.kif 1499-1499 domainSubclass ネットワーク通信機能, 1 and ComputerNetwork
(domainSubclass PeriodicalIssueFn 1 Periodical) Mid-level-ontology.kif 12405-12405 domainSubclass PeriodicalIssueFn, 1 and Periodical
(domainSubclass PlayingInstrumentFn 1 Device) Music.kif 823-823 domainSubclass PlayingInstrumentFn, 1 and Device
(domainSubclass PressingKeyFn 1 ComputerKeyboardKey) ComputerInput.kif 1184-1184 domainSubclass PressingKeyFn, 1 and ComputerKeyboardKey

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