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Sigma KEE - WeatherProcess

appearance as argument number 1

(disjoint WeatherProcess IntentionalProcess) Merge.kif 10500-10500 disjoint WeatherProcess and IntentionalProcess
(documentation WeatherProcess ChineseLanguage "WeatherProcess 是涉及天气意义最宽博的过程类别, 它包括天气季节(请不要和 SeasonOfYear 的实例混淆),天气系统和短期天气事件。") chinese_format.kif 3017-3018
(documentation WeatherProcess EnglishLanguage "WeatherProcess is the broadest class of processes that involve weather, including weather seasons (not to be confused with instances of SeasonOfYear), weather systems, and short-term weather events.") Merge.kif 10502-10505
(externalImage WeatherProcess " a/ a9/ Polarlicht.jpg") pictureList.kif 8799-8799
(externalImage WeatherProcess " d/ da/ Rolling-thunder-cloud.jpg") pictureList.kif 9831-9831
(externalImage WeatherProcess " pictures/ weather/ showers.png") pictureList.kif 2062-2062
(subclass WeatherProcess Motion) Merge.kif 10499-10499 subclass WeatherProcess and Motion

appearance as argument number 2

(subclass AtmosphericHazing WeatherProcess) Weather.kif 2174-2174 subclass AtmosphericHazing and WeatherProcess
(subclass ClearWeather WeatherProcess) Weather.kif 622-622 subclass ClearWeather and WeatherProcess
(subclass Desertification WeatherProcess) Weather.kif 2098-2098 subclass Desertification and WeatherProcess
(subclass Drought WeatherProcess) Weather.kif 2080-2080 subclass Drought and WeatherProcess
(subclass DustStorm WeatherProcess) Weather.kif 1010-1010 subclass DustStorm and WeatherProcess
(subclass Fogging WeatherProcess) Weather.kif 2147-2147 subclass Fogging and WeatherProcess
(subclass Frosting WeatherProcess) Weather.kif 2352-2352 subclass Frosting and WeatherProcess
(subclass HeavySurf WeatherProcess) Weather.kif 1297-1297 subclass HeavySurf and WeatherProcess
(subclass Hurricane WeatherProcess) Weather.kif 538-538 subclass Hurricane and WeatherProcess
(subclass Icing WeatherProcess) Weather.kif 2125-2125 subclass Icing and WeatherProcess
(subclass Lightning WeatherProcess) Mid-level-ontology.kif 3581-3581 subclass Lightning and WeatherProcess
(subclass OvercastWeather WeatherProcess) Weather.kif 672-672 subclass OvercastWeather and WeatherProcess
(subclass PartlyCloudyWeather WeatherProcess) Weather.kif 645-645 subclass PartlyCloudyWeather and WeatherProcess
(subclass Precipitation WeatherProcess) Merge.kif 10507-10507 subclass Precipitation and WeatherProcess
(subclass SevereThunderstorm WeatherProcess) Weather.kif 1008-1008 subclass SevereThunderstorm and WeatherProcess
(subclass Squall WeatherProcess) Weather.kif 1007-1007 subclass Squall and WeatherProcess
(subclass Storm WeatherProcess) Weather.kif 2462-2462 subclass Storm and WeatherProcess
(subclass Thunder WeatherProcess) Mid-level-ontology.kif 3593-3593 subclass Thunder and WeatherProcess
(subclass Thunderstorm WeatherProcess) Weather.kif 588-588 subclass Thunderstorm and WeatherProcess
(subclass Tornado WeatherProcess) Weather.kif 1377-1377 subclass Tornado and WeatherProcess
(subclass Tsunami WeatherProcess) Weather.kif 2073-2073 subclass Tsunami and WeatherProcess
(subclass Waterspout WeatherProcess) Weather.kif 589-589 subclass Waterspout and WeatherProcess
(subclass WeatherFront WeatherProcess) Weather.kif 557-557 subclass WeatherFront and WeatherProcess
(subclass WeatherSeason WeatherProcess) Weather.kif 484-484 subclass WeatherSeason and WeatherProcess
(subclass WeatherSystem WeatherProcess) Weather.kif 495-495 subclass WeatherSystem and WeatherProcess

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appearance as argument number 3

(domain precipitationState 1 WeatherProcess) Weather.kif 937-937 domain precipitationState, 1 and WeatherProcess

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