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Sigma KEE - SocialInteraction
SocialInteraction社交, 関係, 影響に身をさらすこと, インパクト, 差しひびき, 差し響き, 差響き, 差響, 影響, 感化, さし響き, 誘い, 誘導, テンプテーション, 蠱惑, 誘い, 誘引, 誘惑, 魅惑, 誘惑, 分裂, 形式主義, 記号化, 象徴化, しきたり, 仕来たり, 仕来り, 俗習, 古例, 因習, 因襲, 定例, 常例, 常習, 恒例, 慣らし, 慣わし, 慣い, 慣例, 慣習, 慣行, 旧例, 流俗, 為来たり, 為来り, 習わし, 習い, 習俗, 習慣, 風俗, 風儀, 風習, アメリカニズム, やり方, 流儀, 忿懣, 憤懣, 嫌がらせ, 赤旗, セクシャルハラスメント, セクハラ, からかい, 嬲り, , 揶揄, リフォーム, 社会活動, 合体, 同盟, 縁組み, 縁組, 聯合, 聯立, 連合, 連盟, 連立, 交じらい, 交らい, 交わり, 交り, 交際, 人付き, 人付, 人付き合い, 人付合い, 人付合, 付き合い, 往き交い, 往交い, 往交, 往き来, 往来, 接触, 社交, 行き交い, 行交い, 行交, 行き来, 行通い, 行通, 社会的コントロール, 社会統制, 自己制御, サンクション, 制裁, 制裁措置, 文化化, 社会化, 修養, 培養, 教化, 教養, 琢磨, 練磨, 育成, 育生, 錬磨, 陶冶, 養成, 教育, 育ち, 育成, , 養育, 赤字, 嚇かし, , 威かし, 威し, , 威嚇, 威迫, 恐嚇, 恫喝, 脅かし, 脅し, 脅喝, 脅嚇, 脅迫, トライバリズム...

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation SocialInteraction ChineseLanguage "这是由 CognitiveAgent 之间互动交流的 IntentionalProcesssubclass。") Merge.kif 12880-12881
(documentation SocialInteraction EnglishLanguage "The subclass of IntentionalProcess that involves interactions between CognitiveAgents.") Merge.kif 12877-12879
(subclass SocialInteraction IntentionalProcess) Merge.kif 12876-12876

appearance as argument number 2

(subclass Befriending SocialInteraction) Facebook.kif 401-401
(subclass Ceremony SocialInteraction) Mid-level-ontology.kif 7630-7630
(subclass ChangeOfPossession SocialInteraction) Merge.kif 11535-11535
(subclass Communication SocialInteraction) Merge.kif 12912-12912
(subclass Contest SocialInteraction) Merge.kif 13227-13227
(subclass Cooperation SocialInteraction) Merge.kif 13185-13185
(subclass Famine SocialInteraction) Geography.kif 6119-6119
(subclass FreshwaterOverutilization SocialInteraction) Geography.kif 2656-2656
(subclass Friending SocialInteraction) Facebook.kif 359-359
(subclass Helping SocialInteraction) MilitaryProcesses.kif 1402-1402
(subclass Meeting SocialInteraction) Merge.kif 13199-13199
(subclass PlacingUnderArrest SocialInteraction) Mid-level-ontology.kif 21350-21350
(subclass Pollution SocialInteraction) Geography.kif 2732-2732
(subclass Pretending SocialInteraction) Merge.kif 12894-12894
(subclass ServiceProcess SocialInteraction) Merge.kif 11763-11763
(subclass SoilDegradation SocialInteraction) Geography.kif 2785-2785
(subclass Unfriending SocialInteraction) Facebook.kif 380-380
(subclass WaterOverutilization SocialInteraction) Geography.kif 2815-2815
(termFormat ChineseLanguage SocialInteraction "社交") chinese_format.kif 1193-1193
(termFormat EnglishLanguage SocialInteraction "social interaction") english_format.kif 880-880
(termFormat FrenchLanguage SocialInteraction "interaction social") french_format.kif 871-871
(termFormat Hindi SocialInteraction "saamaajika antah kriyaa") terms-hindi.txt 404-404
(termFormat ItalianLanguage SocialInteraction "InterazioneSociale") terms-it.txt 405-405
(termFormat PortugueseLanguage SocialInteraction "Interacao Social") portuguese_format.kif 823-823
(termFormat cz SocialInteraction "social interaction") terms-cz.txt 443-443

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    (instance ?INTERACTION SocialInteraction)
    (exists (?AGENT1 ?AGENT2)
            (involvedInEvent ?INTERACTION ?AGENT1)
            (involvedInEvent ?INTERACTION ?AGENT2)
            (instance ?AGENT1 Agent)
            (instance ?AGENT2 Agent)
                (equal ?AGENT1 ?AGENT2)))))
Merge.kif 12883-12892


    (holdsDuring ?T
        (attribute ?P Alone))
        (exists (?H2 ?SI)
                    (equal ?H ?H2))
                (instance ?H2 Agent)
                (instance ?SI SocialInteraction)
                (involvedInEvent ?SI ?H)
                (involvedInEvent ?SI ?H2)))))
Mid-level-ontology.kif 28294-28305
    (instance ?A Announcement)
    (exists (?CD ?I)
            (instance ?CD ContentDevelopment)
            (result ?CD ?A)
            (refers ?A ?I)
            (instance ?I SocialInteraction)
                (WhenFn ?CD)
                (WhenFn ?I)))))
Mid-level-ontology.kif 12269-12279

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