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Sigma KEE - Russia

appearance as argument number 1

(currencyType Russia RussianRuble) Economy.kif 3428-3428 currencyType Russia and RussianRuble
(documentation Russia EnglishLanguage "A Nation which is currently independent, but which was once part of the SovietUnion.") CountriesAndRegions.kif 1331-1332
(economyType Russia CountryInTransition) Economy.kif 589-589 economyType Russia and CountryInTransition
(externalImage Russia " pictures/ geography/ Country_Maps/ R/ Russia.png") pictureList.kif 700-700 externalImage Russia and " geography/ Country_Maps/ R/ Russia.png"
(geographicSubregion Russia NorthernAsia) CountriesAndRegions.kif 561-561 geographicSubregion Russia and NorthernAsia
(instance Russia Nation) CountriesAndRegions.kif 562-562 instance Russia and Nation

appearance as argument number 2

(capitalCity MoscowRussia Russia) CountriesAndRegions.kif 749-749 capitalCity MoscowRussia and Russia
(geographicSubregion AlkhanYurtRussia Russia) CountriesAndRegions.kif 2523-2523 geographicSubregion AlkhanYurtRussia and Russia
(geographicSubregion ArgunRussia Russia) CountriesAndRegions.kif 2551-2551 geographicSubregion ArgunRussia and Russia
(geographicSubregion BuinakskRussia Russia) CountriesAndRegions.kif 2685-2685 geographicSubregion BuinakskRussia and Russia
(geographicSubregion ChernoRechyeRussia Russia) CountriesAndRegions.kif 2718-2718 geographicSubregion ChernoRechyeRussia and Russia
(geographicSubregion DagestanRussia Russia) CountriesAndRegions.kif 2763-2763 geographicSubregion DagestanRussia and Russia
(geographicSubregion MakhachkalaRussia Russia) CountriesAndRegions.kif 3173-3173 geographicSubregion MakhachkalaRussia and Russia
(geographicSubregion MoscowRussia Russia) CountriesAndRegions.kif 3253-3253 geographicSubregion MoscowRussia and Russia
(geographicSubregion NovogroznyRussia Russia) CountriesAndRegions.kif 3328-3328 geographicSubregion NovogroznyRussia and Russia
(geographicSubregion NovyyAtagiRussia Russia) CountriesAndRegions.kif 3330-3330 geographicSubregion NovyyAtagiRussia and Russia
(geographicSubregion RostovOnDonRussia Russia) CountriesAndRegions.kif 3449-3449 geographicSubregion RostovOnDonRussia and Russia
(geographicSubregion SamashkiRussia Russia) CountriesAndRegions.kif 3475-3475 geographicSubregion SamashkiRussia and Russia
(geographicSubregion UrsMartanRussia Russia) CountriesAndRegions.kif 3632-3632 geographicSubregion UrsMartanRussia and Russia
(geographicSubregion VladikavkazRussia Russia) CountriesAndRegions.kif 3655-3655 geographicSubregion VladikavkazRussia and Russia
(geographicSubregion VladivostokRussia Russia) CountriesAndRegions.kif 3657-3657 geographicSubregion VladivostokRussia and Russia
(geographicSubregion VolgodonskRussia Russia) CountriesAndRegions.kif 3659-3659 geographicSubregion VolgodonskRussia and Russia
(names "Russia" Russia) CountriesAndRegions.kif 4159-4159 names "Russia" and Russia
(termFormat ChineseLanguage Russia "俄国") domainEnglishFormat.kif 50575-50575 termFormat ChineseLanguage, Russia and "俄国"
(termFormat ChineseTraditionalLanguage Russia "俄國") domainEnglishFormat.kif 50574-50574 termFormat ChineseTraditionalLanguage, Russia and "俄國"
(termFormat EnglishLanguage Russia "russia") domainEnglishFormat.kif 50573-50573 termFormat EnglishLanguage, Russia and "russia"

appearance as argument number 3

(codeMapping ISO-3166-1-alpha-2 "RU" Russia) Media.kif 2767-2767 codeMapping ISO-3166-1-alpha-2, "RU" and Russia

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