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Sigma KEE - Reservation

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation Reservation EnglishLanguage "a Reservation is a type of Agreement between 2 agents that some resource offered by the one agent is allotted for use or consumption by another at a specific bounded time") Dining.kif 594-596
(subclass Reservation Agreement) Dining.kif 593-593 subclass Reservation and Agreement

appearance as argument number 2

(subclass DiningReservation Reservation) Dining.kif 698-698 subclass DiningReservation and Reservation
(subclass FlightReservation Reservation) Hotel.kif 2774-2774 subclass FlightReservation and Reservation
(subclass HotelReservation Reservation) Hotel.kif 2784-2784 subclass HotelReservation and Reservation
(subclass TourReservation Reservation) Hotel.kif 2779-2779 subclass TourReservation and Reservation
(subclass TravelReservation Reservation) Hotel.kif 2761-2761 subclass TravelReservation and Reservation
(termFormat EnglishLanguage Reservation "reservation") Dining.kif 597-597

appearance as argument number 3

(domain fulfillingEntity 2 Reservation) Dining.kif 641-641 domain fulfillingEntity, 2 and Reservation
(domain numberOfCustomers 2 Reservation) Dining.kif 684-684 domain numberOfCustomers, 2 and Reservation
(domain rateDetail 1 Reservation) Hotel.kif 2929-2929 domain rateDetail, 1 and Reservation
(domain reservationChannel 2 Reservation) Dining.kif 626-626 domain reservationChannel, 2 and Reservation
(domain reservationEnd 2 Reservation) Dining.kif 663-663 domain reservationEnd, 2 and Reservation
(domain reservationStart 2 Reservation) Dining.kif 656-656 domain reservationStart, 2 and Reservation
(domain reservedPackage 1 Reservation) Hotel.kif 2911-2911 domain reservedPackage, 1 and Reservation
(domain reservingEntity 2 Reservation) Dining.kif 611-611 domain reservingEntity, 2 and Reservation


        (instance ?AGENT Agent)
        (potentialCustomer ?CUST ?AGENT)
                (instance ?R Reserving)
                (destination ?R ?AGENT)) Necessity)
            (exists (?RES1)
                    (instance ?RES1 Reservation)
                    (reservingEntity ?CUST ?RES1)
                    (fulfillingEntity ?AGENT ?RES1)))
            (customer ?CUST ?AGENT) ?NUM1)
                (exists (?RES2)
                        (instance ?RES2 Reservation)
                        (reservingEntity ?CUST ?RES2)
                        (fulfillingEntity ?AGENT ?RES2))))
            (customer ?CUST ?AGENT) ?NUM2))
    (lessThan ?NUM2 ?NUM1))
Dining.kif 725-748
    (instance ?R Reservation)
    (exists (?P)
            (instance ?P Reserving)
            (result ?P ?R))))
Dining.kif 599-604

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