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Sigma KEE - Relation
Relation一致, 合い文, 合文, 合い紋, 合紋, 合致, 一致, 整合, 量化, 語順, コネクション, コネ, 中らい, 人間関係, 仲らい, , 仲合, 係わりあい, 係りあい, 係わり, 係り, 係わり合い, 係り合い, かかわり合い, かかり合い, 掛かりあい, 掛りあい, 掛かり合い, 掛り合い, 結びつき, 結び付き, 続きあい, 続き合い, 続合い, 続合, , 縁故, 繋がり, 繋り, 間がら, , 間柄, 関わり, 関係, 頼り, パリティ, コネクション, つながり, たより, むすび付き, 係わりあい, 係りあい, 係わり, 係り, 係わり合い, 係り合い, かかわり合い, かかり合い, 因縁, 掛かりあい, 掛りあい, 掛かり合い, 掛り合い, 結びつき, 結び付き, 結付き, 結付, 縁由, 繋がり, 繋り, 聯絡, 連係, 連絡, 連繋, 連関, 関わり, 関係のあること, 関係, 関連, 直列, リレーション, むすび付き, 係わり, 因縁, 由縁, , , 結びつき, 結び付き, 結付き, 結付, , 縁故, 繋がり, 間がら, 間柄, 関わり, リンケージ, 聯絡, 連動, 連絡, 連座, 包含, 係わり, 関わり, 関係, 関連, 関連性, 適応性, 適用性, 関係, 関連, アグリーメント, 一致, 協商, 協定, 協定書, 協定案, 協約, 取り極め, 取極め, 取り決め, 取決め, 取決, 合意, 合点, 合致, 同感, 契約, 承允, 承引, 承知の幕, 承認, 申し合わせ, 申合せ, 約定, 約束, 納得, 規約, 調和, 議定, 賛成, 従属関係, 同格, モダリティー, ムード, モード, , 除法, 直接法, 直説法...

appearance as argument number 1

(disjointDecomposition Relation BinaryRelation TernaryRelation QuaternaryRelation QuintaryRelation VariableArityRelation) Merge.kif 2266-2267
(documentation Relation ChineseLanguage "这是关系的 Class。现有三类的 Relation: PredicateFunctionListPredicateFunction 皆表示有序的n元组集合, 这两个 Class 的差别在于 Predicate 包括组成公式的运算符,而Function 则包括组成 术语的运算符,而一个 List 却是一个特定的有序n元组。") Merge.kif 2275-2278
(documentation Relation EnglishLanguage "The Class of relations. There are three kinds of Relation: Predicate, Function, and List. Predicates and Functions both denote sets of ordered n-tuples. The difference between these two Classes is that Predicates cover formula-forming operators, while Functions cover term-forming operators. A List, on the other hand, is a particular ordered n-tuple.") Merge.kif 2269-2274
(partition Relation Predicate Function List) Merge.kif 2267-2267
(partition Relation TotalValuedRelation PartialValuedRelation) Merge.kif 2268-2268
(subclass Relation Abstract) Merge.kif 2265-2265

appearance as argument number 2

(subclass BinaryRelation Relation) Merge.kif 2349-2349
(subclass InheritableRelation Relation) Merge.kif 2711-2711
(subclass IntentionalRelation Relation) Merge.kif 2839-2839
(subclass List Relation) Merge.kif 3049-3049
(subclass PPPBasedEconomicValuation Relation) Economy.kif 961-961
(subclass PartialValuedRelation Relation) Merge.kif 2337-2337
(subclass Predicate Relation) Merge.kif 3409-3409
(subclass ProbabilityRelation Relation) Merge.kif 2718-2718
(subclass QuaternaryRelation Relation) Merge.kif 3033-3033
(subclass QuintaryRelation Relation) Merge.kif 3041-3041
(subclass RelationExtendedToQuantities Relation) Merge.kif 3620-3620
(subclass SingleValuedRelation Relation) Merge.kif 2285-2285
(subclass SpatialRelation Relation) Merge.kif 2822-2822
(subclass TemporalRelation Relation) Merge.kif 2830-2830
(subclass TernaryRelation Relation) Merge.kif 3025-3025
(subclass TotalValuedRelation Relation) Merge.kif 2305-2305
(subclass VariableArityRelation Relation) Merge.kif 3608-3608
(termFormat ChineseLanguage Relation "关系") chinese_format.kif 888-888
(termFormat EnglishLanguage Relation "relation") english_format.kif 575-575
(termFormat FrenchLanguage Relation "relation") french_format.kif 564-564
(termFormat Hindi Relation "sambandha") terms-hindi.txt 94-94
(termFormat ItalianLanguage Relation "Relazione") terms-it.txt 95-95
(termFormat PortugueseLanguage Relation "Relacao") portuguese_format.kif 516-516
(termFormat ar Relation "عَلاقَة") arabic_format.kif 300-300
(termFormat cb Relation "relasyon") terms-cb.txt 99-99

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Display limited to 25 items. Show next 25

appearance as argument number 3

(domain defaultMaxValue 1 Relation) Merge.kif 18775-18775
(domain defaultMinValue 1 Relation) Merge.kif 18761-18761
(domain defaultValue 1 Relation) Merge.kif 18789-18789
(domain disjointRelation 1 Relation) Merge.kif 459-459
(domain disjointRelation 2 Relation) Merge.kif 460-460
(domain domain 1 Relation) Merge.kif 229-229
(domain domainSubclass 1 Relation) Merge.kif 258-258
(domain exactCardinality 1 Relation) Media.kif 2071-2071
(domain maxCardinality 1 Relation) Media.kif 2189-2189
(domain maxValue 1 Relation) Merge.kif 18746-18746
(domain minCardinality 1 Relation) Media.kif 2153-2153
(domain minValue 1 Relation) Merge.kif 18732-18732
(domain subrelation 1 Relation) Merge.kif 187-187
(domain subrelation 2 Relation) Merge.kif 188-188
(domain valence 1 Relation) Merge.kif 400-400

appearance as argument number 5

(disjointDecomposition Abstract Quantity Attribute SetOrClass Relation Proposition) Merge.kif 1710-1710


        (instance ?REL TotalValuedRelation)
        (instance ?REL Predicate))
    (exists (?VALENCE)
            (instance ?REL Relation)
            (valence ?REL ?VALENCE)
                (forall (?NUMBER ?ELEMENT ?CLASS)
                            (lessThan ?NUMBER ?VALENCE)
                            (domain ?REL ?NUMBER ?CLASS)
                            (equal ?ELEMENT
                                    (ListFn @ROW) ?NUMBER)))
                        (instance ?ELEMENT ?CLASS)))
                (exists (?ITEM)
                    (?REL @ROW ?ITEM))))))
Merge.kif 2318-2335

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