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Sigma KEE - PricingScheme

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation PricingScheme EnglishLanguage "PricingScheme refers to the conditions attached to the price of a product of service") Catalog.kif 180-181
(subclass PricingScheme Proposition) Catalog.kif 179-179 subclass PricingScheme and Proposition

appearance as argument number 2

(termFormat EnglishLanguage PricingScheme "pricing scheme") Catalog.kif 182-182

appearance as argument number 3

(domain pricePolicy 1 PricingScheme) Catalog.kif 245-245 domain pricePolicy, 1 and PricingScheme
(domain publishedPrice 4 PricingScheme) Catalog.kif 320-320 domain publishedPrice, 4 and PricingScheme
(domain rentalPrice 4 PricingScheme) Catalog.kif 440-440 domain rentalPrice, 4 and PricingScheme
(domain unitPrice 4 PricingScheme) Catalog.kif 385-385 domain unitPrice, 4 and PricingScheme
(domain validFor 1 PricingScheme) Catalog.kif 219-219 domain validFor, 1 and PricingScheme
(domain validPaymentType 1 PricingScheme) Catalog.kif 237-237 domain validPaymentType, 1 and PricingScheme
(domain validityPeriod 1 PricingScheme) Catalog.kif 228-228 domain validityPeriod, 1 and PricingScheme


    (instance ?PS PricingScheme)
    (exists (?AGENT ?CREATE)
            (instance ?CREATE Creation)
            (result ?CREATE ?PS)
            (agent ?CREATE ?AGENT))))
Catalog.kif 184-190

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