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Sigma KEE - PistonRing

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(documentation PistonRing EnglishLanguage "A Piston typically has several such rings to seal the piston against the EngineCylinder while allowing it to move, and yet contain Combustion and the Oil that is used for Lubricating the involved surfaces.") Cars.kif 3777-3780
(subclass PistonRing Gasket) Cars.kif 3775-3775 subclass PistonRing and Gasket
(typicalPart PistonRing Piston) Cars.kif 3781-3781 typicalPart PistonRing and Piston
(typicallyContainsPart PistonRing Piston) Cars.kif 3782-3782 typicallyContainsPart PistonRing and Piston

appearance as argument number 2

(termFormat EnglishLanguage PistonRing "piston ring") Cars.kif 3776-3776

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