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Sigma KEE - PhysicalSystem

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation PhysicalSystem ChineseLanguage "PhysicalSystem 是一类复杂的 Physical 物体, 一个 PhysicalSystem 可以有一个或一个以上的对应抽象 Graph 的代表。") chinese_format.kif 2385-2386
(documentation PhysicalSystem EnglishLanguage "PhysicalSystem is the class of complex Physical things. A PhysicalSystem may have one or more corresponding abstract Graph representations.") Merge.kif 5655-5657
(externalImage PhysicalSystem " 7/ 7c/ Physical_systems.gif") pictureList.kif 6767-6767 externalImage PhysicalSystem and ""
(subclass PhysicalSystem Physical) Merge.kif 5653-5653 subclass PhysicalSystem and Physical

appearance as argument number 2

(subclass AutoSuspensionSystem PhysicalSystem) Cars.kif 717-717 subclass AutoSuspensionSystem and PhysicalSystem
(subclass Automobile PhysicalSystem) Cars.kif 826-826 subclass Automobile and PhysicalSystem
(subclass AutomobileExhaustSystem PhysicalSystem) Cars.kif 2589-2589 subclass AutomobileExhaustSystem and PhysicalSystem
(subclass AutomobileIgnitionSystem PhysicalSystem) Cars.kif 3169-3169 subclass AutomobileIgnitionSystem and PhysicalSystem
(subclass BrakeSystem PhysicalSystem) Cars.kif 1234-1234 subclass BrakeSystem and PhysicalSystem
(subclass EngineCoolingSystem PhysicalSystem) Cars.kif 2121-2121 subclass EngineCoolingSystem and PhysicalSystem
(subclass HydraulicCylinder PhysicalSystem) Cars.kif 1593-1593 subclass HydraulicCylinder and PhysicalSystem
(subclass TransitSystem PhysicalSystem) Transportation.kif 2790-2790 subclass TransitSystem and PhysicalSystem
(termFormat ChineseLanguage PhysicalSystem "物理系统") domainEnglishFormat.kif 45667-45667 termFormat ChineseLanguage, PhysicalSystem and "物理系统"
(termFormat ChineseTraditionalLanguage PhysicalSystem "物理系統") domainEnglishFormat.kif 45666-45666 termFormat ChineseTraditionalLanguage, PhysicalSystem and "物理系統"
(termFormat EnglishLanguage PhysicalSystem "physical system") domainEnglishFormat.kif 45665-45665 termFormat EnglishLanguage, PhysicalSystem and "physical system"

appearance as argument number 3

(domain dampingRatio 1 PhysicalSystem) Cars.kif 788-788 domain dampingRatio, 1 and PhysicalSystem
(domain resonantFrequency 1 PhysicalSystem) Cars.kif 818-818 domain resonantFrequency, 1 and PhysicalSystem
(domain subSystem 1 PhysicalSystem) Merge.kif 5660-5660 domain subSystem, 1 and PhysicalSystem
(domain subSystem 2 PhysicalSystem) Merge.kif 5661-5661 domain subSystem, 2 and PhysicalSystem
(domain systemPart 2 PhysicalSystem) Merge.kif 5668-5668 domain systemPart, 2 and PhysicalSystem


    (instance ?MJ MechanicalJoint)
    (hasPurpose ?MJ
        (exists (?S ?P1 ?P2 ?M)
                (instance ?M Motion)
                (instance ?S PhysicalSystem)
                (instance ?P1 EngineeringComponent)
                (instance ?P2 EngineeringComponent)
                (part ?P1 PhysicalSystem)
                (part ?MJ PhysicalSystem)
                (part ?P2 PhysicalSystem)
                    (patient ?M ?P1))
                (patient ?M ?P2)
                (connectedEngineeringComponents ?P1 ?MJ)
                (connectedEngineeringComponents ?P2 ?MJ)))))
Cars.kif 1376-1392

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