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Sigma KEE - IntermittentCombustionEngine

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation IntermittentCombustionEngine EnglishLanguage "An Engine, such as found in a modern Automobile, in which Combustion is not continuous, as in a Rocket, but rather a rapid series of small Explosions.") Cars.kif 92-94
(subclass IntermittentCombustionEngine InternalCombustionEngine) Cars.kif 91-91 subclass IntermittentCombustionEngine and InternalCombustionEngine

appearance as argument number 2

(subclass ChevroletEngine IntermittentCombustionEngine) Cars.kif 4948-4948 subclass ChevroletEngine and IntermittentCombustionEngine
(subclass CosworthEngine IntermittentCombustionEngine) Cars.kif 5143-5143 subclass CosworthEngine and IntermittentCombustionEngine
(subclass EightCylinderEngine IntermittentCombustionEngine) Cars.kif 4543-4543 subclass EightCylinderEngine and IntermittentCombustionEngine
(subclass FourCylinderEngine IntermittentCombustionEngine) Cars.kif 4527-4527 subclass FourCylinderEngine and IntermittentCombustionEngine
(subclass FourStrokeEngine IntermittentCombustionEngine) Cars.kif 96-96 subclass FourStrokeEngine and IntermittentCombustionEngine
(subclass MiniCooperEngine IntermittentCombustionEngine) Cars.kif 4836-4836 subclass MiniCooperEngine and IntermittentCombustionEngine
(subclass SixCylinderEngine IntermittentCombustionEngine) Cars.kif 4535-4535 subclass SixCylinderEngine and IntermittentCombustionEngine
(subclass TwoCylinderEngine IntermittentCombustionEngine) Cars.kif 4519-4519 subclass TwoCylinderEngine and IntermittentCombustionEngine
(subclass TwoStrokeEngine IntermittentCombustionEngine) Cars.kif 240-240 subclass TwoStrokeEngine and IntermittentCombustionEngine
(typicalPart Crankshaft IntermittentCombustionEngine) Cars.kif 338-338 typicalPart Crankshaft and IntermittentCombustionEngine
(typicalPart Supercharger IntermittentCombustionEngine) Cars.kif 5164-5164 typicalPart Supercharger and IntermittentCombustionEngine
(typicallyContainsPart Crankshaft IntermittentCombustionEngine) Cars.kif 339-339 typicallyContainsPart Crankshaft and IntermittentCombustionEngine

appearance as argument number 3

(domain engineDisplacement 1 IntermittentCombustionEngine) Cars.kif 4955-4955 domain engineDisplacement, 1 and IntermittentCombustionEngine


        (instance ?C Crankshaft)
        (instance ?I IntermittentCombustionEngine)
        (part ?I ?C))
    (hasPurpose ?C
        (exists (?E ?R)
                (instance ?E Explosion)
                (instance ?R Rotating)
                (patient ?R ?C)
                (eventLocated ?R ?I)
                (causes ?E ?R)))))
Cars.kif 349-361
    (instance ?I IntermittentCombustionEngine)
    (hasPurpose ?I
        (exists (?E ?M)
                (instance ?E Explosion)
                (instance ?M Motion)
                (eventLocated ?E ?I)
                (eventLocated ?M ?I)
                (causes ?E ?M)))))
Cars.kif 280-289

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