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Sigma KEE - HoofedMammal
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(documentation HoofedMammal ChineseLanguage "这是四足有蹄的 Mammal Class,这包括马、牛、 猪和羚羊等等。") chinese_format.kif 3423-3424
(documentation HoofedMammal EnglishLanguage "The Class of quadruped Mammals with hooves. Includes horses, cows, sheep, pigs, antelope, etc.") Merge.kif 13520-13521
(externalImage HoofedMammal " 4/ 46/ Donkey.jpg") pictureList-ImageNet.kif 103-103
(externalImage HoofedMammal " thumb/ 0/ 0c/ Tapirus_terrestris.jpg/ 80px-Tapirus_terrestris.jpg") pictureList-ImageNet.kif 99-99
(externalImage HoofedMammal " thumb/ 1/ 1b/ Indian_rhinoceros.png/ 300px-Indian_rhinoceros.png") pictureList-ImageNet.kif 89-89
(externalImage HoofedMammal " thumb/ 2/ 24/ Tapirbaby.jpg/ 250px-Tapirbaby.jpg") pictureList-ImageNet.kif 91-91
(externalImage HoofedMammal " thumb/ 2/ 26/ Red-Kangaroo-5legs.jpg/ 310px-Red-Kangaroo-5legs.jpg") pictureList-ImageNet.kif 90-90
(externalImage HoofedMammal " thumb/ 3/ 38/ Panzernashorn2004.jpg/ 350px-Panzernashorn2004.jpg") pictureList-ImageNet.kif 88-88
(externalImage HoofedMammal " thumb/ 4/ 42/ Tapirus_indicus.jpg/ 250px-Tapirus_indicus.jpg") pictureList-ImageNet.kif 78-78
(externalImage HoofedMammal " thumb/ 4/ 48/ Equus_grevyi_(aka).jpg/ 350px-Equus_grevyi_(aka).jpg") pictureList-ImageNet.kif 97-97
(externalImage HoofedMammal " thumb/ 6/ 60/ Arcosu20.jpg/ 230px-Arcosu20.jpg") pictureList-ImageNet.kif 106-106
(externalImage HoofedMammal " thumb/ 6/ 6d/ Pronghorn_antelope.jpg/ 250px-Pronghorn_antelope.jpg") pictureList-ImageNet.kif 80-80
(externalImage HoofedMammal " thumb/ 7/ 79/ Oryx_Gazella_Namibia(1).JPG/ 250px-Oryx_Gazella_Namibia(1).JPG") pictureList-ImageNet.kif 102-102
(externalImage HoofedMammal " thumb/ 7/ 7b/ Donkey_1_arp_750px.jpg/ 180px-Donkey_1_arp_750px.jpg") pictureList-ImageNet.kif 79-79
(externalImage HoofedMammal " thumb/ 8/ 8d/ American_bison_k5680-1.jpg/ 250px-American_bison_k5680-1.jpg") pictureList-ImageNet.kif 95-95
(externalImage HoofedMammal " thumb/ 9/ 98/ Horse-and-pony.jpg/ 180px-Horse-and-pony.jpg") pictureList-ImageNet.kif 100-100
(externalImage HoofedMammal " thumb/ a/ a4/ 670px-Cow_on_Delhi_street.jpg/ 180px-670px-Cow_on_Delhi_street.jpg") pictureList-ImageNet.kif 87-87
(externalImage HoofedMammal " thumb/ b/ b4/ 00296_zebra.jpg/ 240px-00296_zebra.jpg") pictureList-ImageNet.kif 96-96
(externalImage HoofedMammal " thumb/ b/ b4/ Oreamnos_americanus_0.jpg/ 250px-Oreamnos_americanus_0.jpg") pictureList-ImageNet.kif 84-84
(externalImage HoofedMammal " thumb/ d/ d6/ Horse_2005-08-06_(Cheval).jpg/ 180px-Horse_2005-08-06_(Cheval).jpg") pictureList-ImageNet.kif 81-81
(externalImage HoofedMammal " thumb/ e/ e7/ Ovis_orientalis_aries_'Skudde'_(aka).jpg/ 250px-Ovis_orientalis_aries_'Skudde'_(aka).jpg") pictureList-ImageNet.kif 101-101
(externalImage HoofedMammal " thumb/ e/ e9/ Orycteropus_afer01.jpg/ 200px-Orycteropus_afer01.jpg") pictureList-ImageNet.kif 83-83
(externalImage HoofedMammal " thumb/ e/ ed/ Gabelbock_fws_1.jpg/ 270px-Gabelbock_fws_1.jpg") pictureList-ImageNet.kif 93-93
(externalImage HoofedMammal " thumb/ f/ f1/ Rupicapra_rupicapra_0.jpg/ 230px-Rupicapra_rupicapra_0.jpg") pictureList-ImageNet.kif 92-92
(externalImage HoofedMammal " thumb/ f/ fc/ Masai_Giraffe_right-rear_foot.jpg/ 200px-Masai_Giraffe_right-rear_foot.jpg") pictureList-ImageNet.kif 94-94

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appearance as argument number 2

(biologicalAgentCarrier BacillusAnthracis HoofedMammal) WMD.kif 285-285 biologicalAgentCarrier BacillusAnthracis and HoofedMammal
(subclass Antelope HoofedMammal) Mid-level-ontology.kif 17815-17815 subclass Antelope and HoofedMammal
(subclass Buffalo HoofedMammal) Mid-level-ontology.kif 17819-17819 subclass Buffalo and HoofedMammal
(subclass Cattle HoofedMammal) Economy.kif 4224-4224 subclass Cattle and HoofedMammal
(subclass Cow HoofedMammal) Mid-level-ontology.kif 17937-17937 subclass Cow and HoofedMammal
(subclass Deer HoofedMammal) Economy.kif 4234-4234 subclass Deer and HoofedMammal
(subclass Donkey HoofedMammal) Mid-level-ontology.kif 17895-17895 subclass Donkey and HoofedMammal
(subclass Goat HoofedMammal) Economy.kif 4228-4228 subclass Goat and HoofedMammal
(subclass Horse HoofedMammal) Mid-level-ontology.kif 17886-17886 subclass Horse and HoofedMammal
(subclass Mule HoofedMammal) Mid-level-ontology.kif 17904-17904 subclass Mule and HoofedMammal
(subclass Pig HoofedMammal) Mid-level-ontology.kif 17891-17891 subclass Pig and HoofedMammal
(subclass Reindeer HoofedMammal) Economy.kif 4232-4232 subclass Reindeer and HoofedMammal
(subclass Sheep HoofedMammal) Mid-level-ontology.kif 17923-17923 subclass Sheep and HoofedMammal
(subclass WaterBuffalo HoofedMammal) Economy.kif 4230-4230 subclass WaterBuffalo and HoofedMammal
(termFormat ChineseLanguage HoofedMammal "有蹄哺乳动物") chinese_format.kif 992-992
(termFormat EnglishLanguage HoofedMammal "hoofed mammal") english_format.kif 1196-1196

appearance as argument number 3

(disjointDecomposition Mammal AquaticMammal HoofedMammal Marsupial Rodent Primate) Merge.kif 13510-13510 disjointDecomposition Mammal, AquaticMammal, HoofedMammal, Marsupial, Rodent and Primate


    (instance ?H Hoof)
    (exists (?F ?A)
            (instance ?F Foot)
            (instance ?A HoofedMammal)
            (part ?H ?F)
            (part ?F ?A))))
Mid-level-ontology.kif 9704-9711
    (instance ?H Horn)
    (exists (?M)
            (instance ?M HoofedMammal)
            (part ?H ?M))))
Mid-level-ontology.kif 9738-9743

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