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Sigma KEE - EthnicGroup

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation EthnicGroup ChineseLanguage "这是一群源自相同 GeographicAreamember 或 拥有相同 Language 和/ 或文化习俗的 GroupOfPeople。") chinese_format.kif 3717-3718
(documentation EthnicGroup EnglishLanguage "A GroupOfPeople whose members originate from the same GeographicArea or share the same Language and/ or cultural practices.") Merge.kif 15415-15417
(subclass EthnicGroup GroupOfPeople) Merge.kif 15414-15414 subclass EthnicGroup and GroupOfPeople

appearance as argument number 2

(instance AimakEthnicity EthnicGroup) People.kif 498-498 instance AimakEthnicity and EthnicGroup
(instance BalochEthnicity EthnicGroup) People.kif 512-512 instance BalochEthnicity and EthnicGroup
(instance BasqueEthnicity EthnicGroup) People.kif 518-518 instance BasqueEthnicity and EthnicGroup
(instance CelticEthnicity EthnicGroup) People.kif 527-527 instance CelticEthnicity and EthnicGroup
(instance CentralAsianTurkishEthnicity EthnicGroup) People.kif 532-532 instance CentralAsianTurkishEthnicity and EthnicGroup
(instance HazaraEthnicity EthnicGroup) People.kif 537-537 instance HazaraEthnicity and EthnicGroup
(instance IndochineseEthnicity EthnicGroup) People.kif 557-557 instance IndochineseEthnicity and EthnicGroup
(instance LatinEthnicity EthnicGroup) People.kif 562-562 instance LatinEthnicity and EthnicGroup
(instance NorthAfricanEthnicity EthnicGroup) People.kif 570-570 instance NorthAfricanEthnicity and EthnicGroup
(instance PashtunEthnicity EthnicGroup) People.kif 574-574 instance PashtunEthnicity and EthnicGroup
(instance PolynesianEthnicity EthnicGroup) People.kif 566-566 instance PolynesianEthnicity and EthnicGroup
(instance RussianEthnicity EthnicGroup) People.kif 596-596 instance RussianEthnicity and EthnicGroup
(instance SlavicEthnicity EthnicGroup) People.kif 601-601 instance SlavicEthnicity and EthnicGroup
(instance TajikEthnicity EthnicGroup) People.kif 606-606 instance TajikEthnicity and EthnicGroup
(instance TeutonicEthnicity EthnicGroup) People.kif 627-627 instance TeutonicEthnicity and EthnicGroup
(instance TurkmenEthnicity EthnicGroup) People.kif 632-632 instance TurkmenEthnicity and EthnicGroup
(instance UzbekEthnicity EthnicGroup) People.kif 639-639 instance UzbekEthnicity and EthnicGroup
(subclass RacialEthnicGroup EthnicGroup) People.kif 494-494 subclass RacialEthnicGroup and EthnicGroup
(termFormat ChineseLanguage EthnicGroup "民族群组") chinese_format.kif 1066-1066
(termFormat EnglishLanguage EthnicGroup "ethnic group") english_format.kif 1348-1348

appearance as argument number 3

(domain ethnicityPercentInRegion 1 EthnicGroup) People.kif 1546-1546 domain ethnicityPercentInRegion, 1 and EthnicGroup

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