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Sigma KEE - EmotionalBehavioralProcess

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation EmotionalBehavioralProcess EnglishLanguage "An emotional behavioral process is the behavior of the organism in response to the appraisal, which includes the characteristic facial expressions for particular emotion types.") emotion.kif 108-111
(documentation EmotionalBehavioralProcess EnglishLanguage "This branch is still very much under construction and will be worked on in collaboration with the Behavior Ontology (George Gkoutos).") emotion.kif 112-114
(subclass EmotionalBehavioralProcess PsychologicalProcess) emotion.kif 117-117 subclass EmotionalBehavioralProcess and PsychologicalProcess

appearance as argument number 2

(subclass EmotionalBodilyMovementBehavior EmotionalBehavioralProcess) emotion.kif 1339-1339 subclass EmotionalBodilyMovementBehavior and EmotionalBehavioralProcess
(subclass EmotionalSpeakingBehavior EmotionalBehavioralProcess) emotion.kif 87-87 subclass EmotionalSpeakingBehavior and EmotionalBehavioralProcess
(subclass FacialExpression EmotionalBehavioralProcess) emotion.kif 1279-1279 subclass FacialExpression and EmotionalBehavioralProcess
(subclass Laughing EmotionalBehavioralProcess) emotion.kif 1592-1592 subclass Laughing and EmotionalBehavioralProcess
(subclass SurprisedFacialExpression EmotionalBehavioralProcess) emotion.kif 1261-1261 subclass SurprisedFacialExpression and EmotionalBehavioralProcess
(subclass Weeping EmotionalBehavioralProcess) emotion.kif 1567-1567 subclass Weeping and EmotionalBehavioralProcess
(termFormat EnglishLanguage EmotionalBehavioralProcess "emotional behavioral process") emotion.kif 115-116

appearance as argument number 3

(domainSubclass actionTendency 2 EmotionalBehavioralProcess) emotion.kif 157-157 domainSubclass actionTendency, 2 and EmotionalBehavioralProcess


        (instance ?EBP EmotionalBehavioralProcess)
        (agent ?EBP ?A))
    (exists (?APP)
            (instance ?APP AppraisalProcess)
            (agent ?APP ?A)
            (causes ?APP ?EBP))))
emotion.kif 119-127
        (instance ?EBP EmotionalBehavioralProcess)
        (agent ?EBP ?A))
    (exists (?FE)
            (instance ?FE FacialExpression)
            (agent ?FE ?A)
            (causes ?EBP ?FE))))
emotion.kif 129-137

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