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Sigma KEE - ConstantQuantity
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appearance as argument number 1

(documentation ConstantQuantity ChineseLanguage "ConstantQuantity 是含不变值的 PhysicalQuantity,如 3 Meter 和 5 HourDuration。所有 ConstantQuantity 的幅度 (见 MagnitudeFn)都是 RealNumberConstantQuantity 有别于 FunctionQuantity, 后者的每一个实例是通过把一个 PhysicalQuantity 连接到另一个 PhysicalQuantity 而成。 每个 ConstantQuantity 的实例使用 BinaryFunction MeasureFn 来表示, 它需要两个参数:一个 Number 和一个 UnitOfMeasure。例如:3 Meter 以 (MeasureFn 3 Meter) 表示。 ConstantQuantity 的实例与 lessThan 关系组成一个部分顺序 (见 PartialOrderingRelation), 因为 lessThan 是一个 RelationExtendedToQuantities,而 lessThanRealNumber 来定义的。 lessThan 关系不是一个以 ConstantQuantity 类别的 全部顺序 (见 TotalOrderingRelation)因为 ConstantQuantity 一些子类别的元素 (如长度值)和 ConstantQuantity 其他子类别的元素 (如质量) 属完全不同。") chinese_format.kif 1768-1778
(documentation ConstantQuantity EnglishLanguage "A ConstantQuantity is a PhysicalQuantity that has a constant value, e.g. 3 Meters and 5 HourDurations. The magnitude (see MagnitudeFn) of every ConstantQuantity is a RealNumber. ConstantQuantity is distinguished from FunctionQuantity, in that each instance of the latter is formed through the mapping of one PhysicalQuantity to another PhysicalQuantity. Each instance of ConstantQuantity is expressed with the BinaryFunction MeasureFn, which takes a Number and a UnitOfMeasure as arguments. For example, 3 Meters is expressed as (MeasureFn 3 Meter). Instances of ConstantQuantity form a partial order (see PartialOrderingRelation) with the lessThan relation, since lessThan is a RelationExtendedToQuantities and lessThan is defined over the RealNumbers. The lessThan relation is not a total order (see TotalOrderingRelation) over the class ConstantQuantity since elements of some subclasses of ConstantQuantity (such as length quantities) are incomparable to elements of other subclasses of ConstantQuantity (such as mass quantities).") Merge.kif 1954-1972
(externalImage ConstantQuantity " 0/ 0b/ Ybc7289-bw.jpg") pictureList.kif 9108-9108 externalImage ConstantQuantity and " Ybc7289-bw.jpg"
(externalImage ConstantQuantity " 2/ 2a/ Pi-unrolled-720.gif") pictureList.kif 8439-8439 externalImage ConstantQuantity and " Pi-unrolled-720.gif"
(externalImage ConstantQuantity " 5/ 53/ Exponential.png") pictureList.kif 9111-9111 externalImage ConstantQuantity and " Exponential.png"
(externalImage ConstantQuantity " 7/ 7d/ LogisticMap_BifurcationDiagram.png") pictureList.kif 9112-9112 externalImage ConstantQuantity and " LogisticMap_BifurcationDiagram.png"
(externalImage ConstantQuantity " 1/ 1a/ Different_constants_of_integration.jpg") pictureList.kif 9109-9109 externalImage ConstantQuantity and ""
(externalImage ConstantQuantity " c/ c5/ Euler-Mascheroni.jpg") pictureList.kif 9110-9110 externalImage ConstantQuantity and ""
(subclass ConstantQuantity PhysicalQuantity) Merge.kif 1952-1952 subclass ConstantQuantity and PhysicalQuantity

appearance as argument number 2

(partition PhysicalQuantity ConstantQuantity FunctionQuantity) Merge.kif 1933-1933 partition PhysicalQuantity, ConstantQuantity and FunctionQuantity
(range CPUUtilizationFn ConstantQuantity) QoSontology.kif 1325-1325 range CPUUtilizationFn and ConstantQuantity
(rangeSubclass IntervalFn ConstantQuantity) Merge.kif 6151-6151 rangeSubclass IntervalFn and ConstantQuantity
(subclass AngleMeasure ConstantQuantity) Merge.kif 5879-5879 subclass AngleMeasure and ConstantQuantity
(subclass CurrencyMeasure ConstantQuantity) Merge.kif 5867-5867 subclass CurrencyMeasure and ConstantQuantity
(subclass InformationMeasure ConstantQuantity) Merge.kif 6988-6988 subclass InformationMeasure and ConstantQuantity
(subclass InterestRate ConstantQuantity) FinancialOntology.kif 492-492 subclass InterestRate and ConstantQuantity
(subclass LengthMeasure ConstantQuantity) Merge.kif 5806-5806 subclass LengthMeasure and ConstantQuantity
(subclass MassMeasure ConstantQuantity) Merge.kif 5817-5817 subclass MassMeasure and ConstantQuantity
(subclass NonCompositeUnitOfMeasure ConstantQuantity) Merge.kif 5780-5780 subclass NonCompositeUnitOfMeasure and ConstantQuantity
(subclass RadiationMeasure ConstantQuantity) MilitaryProcesses.kif 849-849 subclass RadiationMeasure and ConstantQuantity
(subclass TemperatureMeasure ConstantQuantity) Merge.kif 5855-5855 subclass TemperatureMeasure and ConstantQuantity
(subclass TimeMeasure ConstantQuantity) Merge.kif 1974-1974 subclass TimeMeasure and ConstantQuantity
(termFormat ChineseLanguage ConstantQuantity "恒量") chinese_format.kif 876-876 termFormat ChineseLanguage, ConstantQuantity and "恒量"
(termFormat EnglishLanguage ConstantQuantity "constant quantity") english_format.kif 959-959 termFormat EnglishLanguage, ConstantQuantity and "constant quantity"

appearance as argument number 3

(domain IntervalFn 1 ConstantQuantity) Merge.kif 6149-6149 domain IntervalFn, 1 and ConstantQuantity
(domain IntervalFn 2 ConstantQuantity) Merge.kif 6150-6150 domain IntervalFn, 2 and ConstantQuantity
(domain arableLandArea 2 ConstantQuantity) Geography.kif 2023-2023 domain arableLandArea, 2 and ConstantQuantity
(domain averagePrecipitationForPeriod 3 ConstantQuantity) Weather.kif 846-846 domain averagePrecipitationForPeriod, 3 and ConstantQuantity
(domain capacity 2 ConstantQuantity) Mid-level-ontology.kif 6315-6315 domain capacity, 2 and ConstantQuantity
(domain distanceOnPath 1 ConstantQuantity) Mid-level-ontology.kif 22083-22083 domain distanceOnPath, 1 and ConstantQuantity
(domain highAltitudeWindSpeed 2 ConstantQuantity) Weather.kif 250-250 domain highAltitudeWindSpeed, 2 and ConstantQuantity
(domain hostJitter 2 ConstantQuantity) QoSontology.kif 2136-2136 domain hostJitter, 2 and ConstantQuantity
(domain irrigatedLandArea 2 ConstantQuantity) Geography.kif 2165-2165 domain irrigatedLandArea, 2 and ConstantQuantity
(domain load 2 ConstantQuantity) QoSontology.kif 1848-1848 domain load, 2 and ConstantQuantity
(domain measurementReading 2 ConstantQuantity) Mid-level-ontology.kif 3417-3417 domain measurementReading, 2 and ConstantQuantity
(domain mediumAltitudeWindSpeed 2 ConstantQuantity) Weather.kif 227-227 domain mediumAltitudeWindSpeed, 2 and ConstantQuantity
(domain memorySize 2 ConstantQuantity) QoSontology.kif 1668-1668 domain memorySize, 2 and ConstantQuantity
(domain otherLandUseArea 2 ConstantQuantity) Geography.kif 2111-2111 domain otherLandUseArea, 2 and ConstantQuantity
(domain permanentCropLandArea 2 ConstantQuantity) Geography.kif 2070-2070 domain permanentCropLandArea, 2 and ConstantQuantity
(domain precipitationAmount 2 ConstantQuantity) Weather.kif 836-836 domain precipitationAmount, 2 and ConstantQuantity
(domain qoSSlack 2 ConstantQuantity) QoSontology.kif 1200-1200 domain qoSSlack, 2 and ConstantQuantity
(domain qoSSlack 3 ConstantQuantity) QoSontology.kif 1201-1201 domain qoSSlack, 3 and ConstantQuantity
(domain seaSurfaceTemperature 2 ConstantQuantity) Weather.kif 587-587 domain seaSurfaceTemperature, 2 and ConstantQuantity
(domain totalPrecipitationForPeriod 3 ConstantQuantity) Weather.kif 856-856 domain totalPrecipitationForPeriod, 3 and ConstantQuantity


        (instance ?QUANT
            (MeasureFn ?N ?UNIT))
        (instance ?UNIT NonCompositeUnitOfMeasure))
    (instance ?QUANT ConstantQuantity))
Merge.kif 5795-5799

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