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Sigma KEE - BodySubstance

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation BodySubstance ChineseLanguage "这是由 Organism 释出、排泄或增生的细胞外物质和 细胞混合物。它包括 Substance 如: 唾液、牙釉质、汗水、激素和胃酸。") chinese_format.kif 3472-3473
(documentation BodySubstance EnglishLanguage "Extracellular material and mixtures of cells and extracellular material that are produced, excreted or accreted by an Organism. Included here are Substances such as saliva, dental enamel, sweat, hormones, and gastric acid.") Merge.kif 13743-13746
(subclass BodySubstance Substance) Merge.kif 13742-13742 subclass BodySubstance and Substance

appearance as argument number 2

(subclass AnimalSubstance BodySubstance) Merge.kif 13748-13748 subclass AnimalSubstance and BodySubstance
(subclass Batrachotoxin BodySubstance) WMD.kif 309-309 subclass Batrachotoxin and BodySubstance
(subclass Blood BodySubstance) Merge.kif 13789-13789 subclass Blood and BodySubstance
(subclass BotulinumToxin BodySubstance) WMD.kif 323-323 subclass BotulinumToxin and BodySubstance
(subclass Conotoxin BodySubstance) WMD.kif 1372-1372 subclass Conotoxin and BodySubstance
(subclass EpsilonToxin BodySubstance) WMD.kif 349-349 subclass EpsilonToxin and BodySubstance
(subclass Excrement BodySubstance) Mid-level-ontology.kif 2523-2523 subclass Excrement and BodySubstance
(subclass Hormone BodySubstance) Merge.kif 13770-13770 subclass Hormone and BodySubstance
(subclass LiquidBodySubstance BodySubstance) Mid-level-ontology.kif 9279-9279 subclass LiquidBodySubstance and BodySubstance
(subclass Mycotoxin BodySubstance) WMD.kif 218-218 subclass Mycotoxin and BodySubstance
(subclass PlantSubstance BodySubstance) Merge.kif 13759-13759 subclass PlantSubstance and BodySubstance
(subclass Rubber BodySubstance) Mid-level-ontology.kif 8922-8922 subclass Rubber and BodySubstance
(subclass Saxitoxin BodySubstance) WMD.kif 1357-1357 subclass Saxitoxin and BodySubstance
(subclass Tetrodotoxin BodySubstance) WMD.kif 1381-1381 subclass Tetrodotoxin and BodySubstance
(subclass Tissue BodySubstance) Merge.kif 14033-14033 subclass Tissue and BodySubstance
(termFormat ChineseLanguage BodySubstance "身体物质") chinese_format.kif 1010-1010
(termFormat EnglishLanguage BodySubstance "body substance") english_format.kif 1237-1237


        (instance ?B Biopsy)
        (patient ?B ?BS))
    (instance ?BS BodySubstance))
Mid-level-ontology.kif 21917-21921
    (instance ?Loam Loam)
    (exists (?Clay ?Sand ?Gravel ?Silt ?Organic)
            (instance ?Clay Clay)
            (piece ?Clay ?Loam)
            (instance ?Gravel Gravel)
            (piece ?Gravel ?Loam)
            (instance ?Sand Sand)
            (piece ?Sand ?Loam)
            (instance ?Silt Silt)
            (piece ?Silt ?Loam)
            (instance ?Organic BodySubstance)
            (piece ?Organic ?Loam))))
Geography.kif 4119-4132

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