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Sigma KEE - BiologicalAgent
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appearance as argument number 1

(documentation BiologicalAgent EnglishLanguage "A naturally occurring Substance, or a synthetic analogue of such a substance or an Organism that is capable of inflicting severe harm on other Organisms. All BiologicalWeapons contain a BiologicalAgent.") WMD.kif 153-156
(externalImage BiologicalAgent " 0/ 0d/ 1993_Kameido_site_fluid_petri.jpg") pictureList.kif 10545-10545 externalImage BiologicalAgent and " 1993_Kameido_site_fluid_petri.jpg"
(externalImage BiologicalAgent " 3/ 32/ EscherichiaColi_NIAID.jpg") pictureList.kif 9926-9926 externalImage BiologicalAgent and " EscherichiaColi_NIAID.jpg"
(externalImage BiologicalAgent " 5/ 5b/ Botox-structure.png") pictureList.kif 10543-10543 externalImage BiologicalAgent and " Botox-structure.png"
(externalImage BiologicalAgent " 6/ 68/ Saxitoxin_structure.png") pictureList.kif 10542-10542 externalImage BiologicalAgent and " Saxitoxin_structure.png"
(externalImage BiologicalAgent " e/ e4/ Ricin_structure.png") pictureList.kif 10541-10541 externalImage BiologicalAgent and " Ricin_structure.png"
(externalImage BiologicalAgent " e/ e1/ Hiv-1_pdb_1ebz.png") pictureList.kif 10544-10544 externalImage BiologicalAgent and ""
(partition BiologicalAgent Toxin ToxicOrganism) WMD.kif 157-157 partition BiologicalAgent, Toxin and ToxicOrganism
    (AgentOfOrganismFn MalarialPlasmodium) BiologicalAgent)
WMD.kif 1473-1473 subclass AgentOfOrganismFn MalarialPlasmodium and BiologicalAgent
(subclass BiologicalAgent BiochemicalAgent) WMD.kif 152-152 subclass BiologicalAgent and BiochemicalAgent

appearance as argument number 2

(partition BiochemicalAgent BiologicalAgent ChemicalAgent) WMD.kif 82-82 partition BiochemicalAgent, BiologicalAgent and ChemicalAgent
(rangeSubclass AgentOfOrganismFn BiologicalAgent) WMD.kif 88-88 rangeSubclass AgentOfOrganismFn and BiologicalAgent
(subclass Toxin BiologicalAgent) WMD.kif 159-159 subclass Toxin and BiologicalAgent
(termFormat ChineseLanguage BiologicalAgent "生物制剂") domainEnglishFormat.kif 11041-11041 termFormat ChineseLanguage, BiologicalAgent and "生物制剂"
(termFormat ChineseTraditionalLanguage BiologicalAgent "生物製劑") domainEnglishFormat.kif 11040-11040 termFormat ChineseTraditionalLanguage, BiologicalAgent and "生物製劑"
(termFormat EnglishLanguage BiologicalAgent "biological agent") domainEnglishFormat.kif 11039-11039 termFormat EnglishLanguage, BiologicalAgent and "biological agent"

appearance as argument number 3

(domainSubclass biologicalAgentCarrier 1 BiologicalAgent) WMD.kif 925-925 domainSubclass biologicalAgentCarrier, 1 and BiologicalAgent


    (instance ?WEAPON BiologicalWeapon)
    (exists (?AGENT)
            (instance ?AGENT BiologicalAgent)
            (part ?AGENT ?WEAPON))))
WMD.kif 145-150

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