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Sigma KEE - BacterialAgent
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appearance as argument number 1

(biochemicalAgentDelivery BacterialAgent Breathing) WMD.kif 200-200 biochemicalAgentDelivery BacterialAgent and Breathing
(biochemicalAgentDelivery BacterialAgent Touching) WMD.kif 201-201 biochemicalAgentDelivery BacterialAgent and Touching
(documentation BacterialAgent EnglishLanguage "BiologicalAgents that are instances of Bacterium.") WMD.kif 202-203
(externalImage BacterialAgent " 0/ 08/ Flagella.png") pictureList.kif 8963-8963
(externalImage BacterialAgent " 3/ 32/ EscherichiaColi_NIAID.jpg") pictureList.kif 8368-8368
(externalImage BacterialAgent " 4/ 4d/ Streptococcus_mutans_Gram.jpg") pictureList.kif 8958-8958
(externalImage BacterialAgent " 7/ 79/ Gram_Stain_Anthrax.jpg") pictureList.kif 8959-8959
(externalImage BacterialAgent " 8/ 83/ Antoni_van_Leeuwenhoek.png") pictureList.kif 8964-8964
(externalImage BacterialAgent " d/ d6/ EMpylori.jpg") pictureList.kif 8960-8960
(subclass BacterialAgent Bacterium) WMD.kif 199-199 subclass BacterialAgent and Bacterium
(subclass BacterialAgent ToxicOrganism) WMD.kif 198-198 subclass BacterialAgent and ToxicOrganism

appearance as argument number 2

(subclass BacillusAnthracis BacterialAgent) WMD.kif 279-279 subclass BacillusAnthracis and BacterialAgent
(subclass BacillusCereus BacterialAgent) WMD.kif 1715-1715 subclass BacillusCereus and BacterialAgent
(subclass BordetellaPertussis BacterialAgent) WMD.kif 1450-1450 subclass BordetellaPertussis and BacterialAgent
(subclass BrucellaBacterium BacterialAgent) WMD.kif 386-386 subclass BrucellaBacterium and BacterialAgent
(subclass BurkholderiaMallei BacterialAgent) WMD.kif 355-355 subclass BurkholderiaMallei and BacterialAgent
(subclass BurkholderiaPseudomallei BacterialAgent) WMD.kif 371-371 subclass BurkholderiaPseudomallei and BacterialAgent
(subclass ChlamydiaPsittaci BacterialAgent) WMD.kif 1460-1460 subclass ChlamydiaPsittaci and BacterialAgent
(subclass ClostridiumBotulinum BacterialAgent) WMD.kif 317-317 subclass ClostridiumBotulinum and BacterialAgent
(subclass ClostridiumPerfringens BacterialAgent) WMD.kif 340-340 subclass ClostridiumPerfringens and BacterialAgent
(subclass ClostridiumTetani BacterialAgent) WMD.kif 1409-1409 subclass ClostridiumTetani and BacterialAgent
(subclass CorynebacteriumDiphtheriae BacterialAgent) WMD.kif 1762-1762 subclass CorynebacteriumDiphtheriae and BacterialAgent
(subclass EscherichiaColi0157H7 BacterialAgent) WMD.kif 1585-1585 subclass EscherichiaColi0157H7 and BacterialAgent
(subclass FrancisellaTularensis BacterialAgent) WMD.kif 1122-1122 subclass FrancisellaTularensis and BacterialAgent
(subclass GiardiaLamblia BacterialAgent) WMD.kif 1281-1281 subclass GiardiaLamblia and BacterialAgent
(subclass Legionella BacterialAgent) WMD.kif 1743-1743 subclass Legionella and BacterialAgent
(subclass MycobacteriumTuberculosis BacterialAgent) WMD.kif 1591-1591 subclass MycobacteriumTuberculosis and BacterialAgent
(subclass NeisseriaGonorrhoeae BacterialAgent) WMD.kif 1163-1163 subclass NeisseriaGonorrhoeae and BacterialAgent
(subclass RickettsialAgent BacterialAgent) WMD.kif 246-246 subclass RickettsialAgent and BacterialAgent
(subclass SalmonellaPartyphi BacterialAgent) WMD.kif 961-961 subclass SalmonellaPartyphi and BacterialAgent
(subclass SalmonellaTyphi BacterialAgent) WMD.kif 1270-1270 subclass SalmonellaTyphi and BacterialAgent
(subclass SalmonellaTyphimurium BacterialAgent) WMD.kif 955-955 subclass SalmonellaTyphimurium and BacterialAgent
(subclass SerratiaMarcenscens BacterialAgent) WMD.kif 1287-1287 subclass SerratiaMarcenscens and BacterialAgent
(subclass ShigellaDysenteriae BacterialAgent) WMD.kif 1249-1249 subclass ShigellaDysenteriae and BacterialAgent
(subclass StaphyylococcusAureus BacterialAgent) WMD.kif 1332-1332 subclass StaphyylococcusAureus and BacterialAgent
(subclass StreptococcusA BacterialAgent) WMD.kif 1614-1614 subclass StreptococcusA and BacterialAgent

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        (instance ?BACTERIUM BacterialAgent)
        (biochemicalAgentSyndrome ?BACTERIUM ?SYNDROME))
    (instance ?SYNDROME BacterialDisease))
WMD.kif 1045-1049

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