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Sigma KEE - AutoSuspensionSystem

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation AutoSuspensionSystem EnglishLanguage "A system, typically consisting of Springs and Shocks that couples the Wheels or Axles of a RoadVehicle to the rest of the body, and serving to dampen the effect of uneven road surfaces on the occupants or cargo.") Cars.kif 719-721
(subclass AutoSuspensionSystem PhysicalSystem) Cars.kif 717-717 subclass AutoSuspensionSystem and PhysicalSystem
(typicalPart AutoSuspensionSystem Automobile) Cars.kif 727-727 typicalPart AutoSuspensionSystem and Automobile
(typicallyContainsPart AutoSuspensionSystem Automobile) Cars.kif 726-726 typicallyContainsPart AutoSuspensionSystem and Automobile

appearance as argument number 2

(termFormat EnglishLanguage AutoSuspensionSystem "auto suspension system") Cars.kif 718-718
(typicalPart AutomobileShock AutoSuspensionSystem) Cars.kif 831-831 typicalPart AutomobileShock and AutoSuspensionSystem
(typicalPart LeafSpring AutoSuspensionSystem) Cars.kif 887-887 typicalPart LeafSpring and AutoSuspensionSystem
(typicalPart MacPhersonStrut AutoSuspensionSystem) Cars.kif 3228-3228 typicalPart MacPhersonStrut and AutoSuspensionSystem
(typicallyContainsPart Spring AutoSuspensionSystem) Cars.kif 725-725 typicallyContainsPart Spring and AutoSuspensionSystem

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