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Sigma KEE - August

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation August ChineseLanguage "这是所有八月 MonthClass。") chinese_format.kif 2802-2802
(documentation August EnglishLanguage "The Class of all Months which are August.") Merge.kif 8577-8577
(externalImage August " August2004rs.png") pictureList.kif 4863-4863
(subclass August Month) Merge.kif 8575-8575 subclass August and Month
(successorClass August September) Merge.kif 8450-8450 successorClass August and September

appearance as argument number 2

(successorClass July August) Merge.kif 8449-8449 successorClass July and August
(termFormat ChineseLanguage August "八月") chinese_format.kif 1284-1284
(termFormat EnglishLanguage August "August") english_format.kif 1794-1794


        (instance ?MONTH1
            (MonthFn August ?YEAR))
        (instance ?MONTH2
            (MonthFn September ?YEAR)))
    (meetsTemporally ?MONTH1 ?MONTH2))
Merge.kif 8583-8587
        (instance ?MONTH1
            (MonthFn July ?YEAR))
        (instance ?MONTH2
            (MonthFn August ?YEAR)))
    (meetsTemporally ?MONTH1 ?MONTH2))
Merge.kif 8569-8573
    (instance ?MONTH August)
    (duration ?MONTH
        (MeasureFn 31 DayDuration)))
Merge.kif 8579-8581


(dateEstablished AfricanDevelopmentBank
    (DayFn 4
        (MonthFn August
            (YearFn 1963))))
Government.kif 2698-2698 dateEstablished AfricanDevelopmentBank and DayFn 4 and MonthFn August and YearFn 1963
(dateEstablished AssociationOfSoutheastAsianNations
    (DayFn 8
        (MonthFn August
            (YearFn 1967))))
Government.kif 2800-2800 dateEstablished AssociationOfSoutheastAsianNations and DayFn 8 and MonthFn August and YearFn 1967
(dateEstablished GroupOf24
    (DayFn 1
        (MonthFn August
            (YearFn 1989))))
Government.kif 3282-3282 dateEstablished GroupOf24 and DayFn 1 and MonthFn August and YearFn 1989
(dateEstablished LatinAmericanIntegrationAssociation
    (DayFn 12
        (MonthFn August
            (YearFn 1980))))
Government.kif 3572-3572 dateEstablished LatinAmericanIntegrationAssociation and DayFn 12 and MonthFn August and YearFn 1980
(dateEstablished PacificIslandForum
    (DayFn 5
        (MonthFn August
            (YearFn 1971))))
Government.kif 3733-3733 dateEstablished PacificIslandForum and DayFn 5 and MonthFn August and YearFn 1971
(dateEstablished SouthernAfricanDevelopmentCommunity
    (DayFn 17
        (MonthFn August
            (YearFn 1992))))
Government.kif 3788-3788 dateEstablished SouthernAfricanDevelopmentCommunity and DayFn 17 and MonthFn August and YearFn 1992
(dateEstablished UnitedNationsObserverMissionInGeorgia
    (DayFn 24
        (MonthFn August
            (YearFn 1993))))
Government.kif 4047-4047 dateEstablished UnitedNationsObserverMissionInGeorgia and DayFn 24 and MonthFn August and YearFn 1993
(dateEstablished WestAfricanEconomicAndMonetaryUnion
    (DayFn 1
        (MonthFn August
            (YearFn 1994))))
Government.kif 4238-4238 dateEstablished WestAfricanEconomicAndMonetaryUnion and DayFn 1 and MonthFn August and YearFn 1994
(equal SummerSeason
    (RecurrentTimeIntervalFn June August))
Geography.kif 1618-1618 equal SummerSeason and RecurrentTimeIntervalFn June and August

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