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Sigma KEE - AmbienceAttribute

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation AmbienceAttribute EnglishLanguage "AmbienceAttribute describes the atmosphere or general feeling that something evokes") Dining.kif 1012-1013
(subclass AmbienceAttribute SubjectiveAssessmentAttribute) Dining.kif 1011-1011 subclass AmbienceAttribute and SubjectiveAssessmentAttribute

appearance as argument number 2

(instance BusinessCasualAttribute AmbienceAttribute) Dining.kif 1053-1053 instance BusinessCasualAttribute and AmbienceAttribute
(instance BusinessFormalAttribute AmbienceAttribute) Dining.kif 1058-1058 instance BusinessFormalAttribute and AmbienceAttribute
(instance CasualAttribute AmbienceAttribute) Dining.kif 1043-1043 instance CasualAttribute and AmbienceAttribute
(instance CasualDressyAttribute AmbienceAttribute) Dining.kif 1063-1063 instance CasualDressyAttribute and AmbienceAttribute
(instance ConventionalAttribute AmbienceAttribute) Dining.kif 1037-1037 instance ConventionalAttribute and AmbienceAttribute
(instance DressyAttribute AmbienceAttribute) Dining.kif 1069-1069 instance DressyAttribute and AmbienceAttribute
(instance FormalAttribute AmbienceAttribute) Dining.kif 1048-1048 instance FormalAttribute and AmbienceAttribute
(instance RomanticAttribute AmbienceAttribute) Dining.kif 1022-1022 instance RomanticAttribute and AmbienceAttribute
(instance TrendyAttribute AmbienceAttribute) Dining.kif 1032-1032 instance TrendyAttribute and AmbienceAttribute
(instance UnconventionalAttribute AmbienceAttribute) Dining.kif 1027-1027 instance UnconventionalAttribute and AmbienceAttribute
(termFormat EnglishLanguage AmbienceAttribute "ambience") Dining.kif 1014-1014

appearance as argument number 3

(domain dressCode 1 AmbienceAttribute) Dining.kif 457-457 domain dressCode, 1 and AmbienceAttribute


        (attribute ?X ?ATTR)
        (instance ?ATTR AmbienceAttribute))
    (instance ?X Physical))
Dining.kif 1016-1020

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