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Sigma KEE - PhysicalQuantity

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation PhysicalQuantity ChineseLanguage "PhysicalQuantity是一种用来衡量建模世界上的 一些可以量度的部分,例如:「地球的直径」(长度固定)和「装满了可变形的固体的应力」(应力的衡量,它是一个有 三个空间坐标的函数)。 PhysicalQuantity 要不是 ConstantQuantity,就是 FunctionQuantityConstantQuantity 的实例需要有一个 UnitOfMeasure,而 FunctionQuantity 的实例是要靠一个 Function, 它把 ConstantQuantity 的实例和其它 ConstantQuantity 的实例联系在一起(举例说, TimeDependentQuantity 属于 FunctionQuantity)。 PhysicalQuantity 这个名字和定义是借用物 理理论,但是 PhysicalQuantity 不一定是指物质上的。 除了长度、时间和速度等这些尺度以外,非物理尺寸如 货币也是可行的。因此,金钱会是 PhysicalQuantity 的实例。 PhysicalQuantity 和纯 Number 的区别在于前者附有一个衡量的尺度。") chinese_format.kif 1759-1767
(documentation PhysicalQuantity EnglishLanguage "A PhysicalQuantity is a measure of some quantifiable aspect of the modeled world, such as 'the earth's diameter' (a constant length) and 'the stress in a loaded deformable solid' (a measure of stress, which is a function of three spatial coordinates). Every PhysicalQuantity is either a ConstantQuantity or FunctionQuantity. Instances of ConstantQuantity are dependent on a UnitOfMeasure, while instances of FunctionQuantity are Functions that map instances of ConstantQuantity to other instances of ConstantQuantity (e.g., a TimeDependentQuantity is a FunctionQuantity). Although the name and definition of PhysicalQuantity is borrowed from physics, a PhysicalQuantity need not be material. Aside from the dimensions of length, time, velocity, etc., nonphysical dimensions such as currency are also possible. Accordingly, amounts of money would be instances of PhysicalQuantity. A PhysicalQuantity is distinguished from a pure Number by the fact that the former is associated with a dimension of measurement.") Merge.kif 1936-1951
(partition PhysicalQuantity ConstantQuantity FunctionQuantity) Merge.kif 1934-1934
(subclass PhysicalQuantity Quantity) Merge.kif 1933-1933

appearance as argument number 2

(range MeasureFn PhysicalQuantity) Merge.kif 6002-6002
(subclass ConstantQuantity PhysicalQuantity) Merge.kif 1953-1953
(subclass FunctionQuantity PhysicalQuantity) Merge.kif 2008-2008
(subclass PerformanceMeasure PhysicalQuantity) FinancialOntology.kif 1586-1586
(subclass UnitOfMeasure PhysicalQuantity) Merge.kif 5848-5848
(termFormat ChineseLanguage PhysicalQuantity "物理量") chinese_format.kif 875-875
(termFormat EnglishLanguage PhysicalQuantity "physical quantity") english_format.kif 957-957

appearance as argument number 3

(domain MagnitudeFn 1 PhysicalQuantity) Merge.kif 6264-6264
(domain PerFn 1 PhysicalQuantity) Merge.kif 6300-6300
(domain PerFn 2 PhysicalQuantity) Merge.kif 6301-6301
(domain UnitFn 1 PhysicalQuantity) Merge.kif 6283-6283
(domain annualElectricityConsumption 2 PhysicalQuantity) Economy.kif 2109-2109
(domain annualElectricityExport 2 PhysicalQuantity) Economy.kif 2153-2153
(domain annualElectricityImport 2 PhysicalQuantity) Economy.kif 2199-2199
(domain annualElectricityProduction 2 PhysicalQuantity) Economy.kif 1977-1977
(domain carrierFrequency 2 PhysicalQuantity) ComputingBrands.kif 1527-1527
(domain earthAltitude 2 PhysicalQuantity) Geography.kif 2719-2719
(domain electricityConsumptionInPeriod 2 PhysicalQuantity) Economy.kif 2099-2099
(domain electricityExportInPeriod 2 PhysicalQuantity) Economy.kif 2142-2142
(domain electricityImportInPeriod 2 PhysicalQuantity) Economy.kif 2187-2187
(domain electricityProductionInPeriod 2 PhysicalQuantity) Economy.kif 1967-1967
(domain fleetGrossRegisteredTonnage 2 PhysicalQuantity) Transportation.kif 975-975
(domain highAltitudeWindVelocity 2 PhysicalQuantity) Weather.kif 239-239
(domain imageResolution 2 PhysicalQuantity) QoSontology.kif 2007-2007
(domain ingredientAmount 3 PhysicalQuantity) Food.kif 70-70
(domain lowAltitudeWindSpeed 2 PhysicalQuantity) Weather.kif 202-202
(domain lowAltitudeWindVelocity 2 PhysicalQuantity) Weather.kif 190-190
(domain measure 2 PhysicalQuantity) Merge.kif 7118-7118
(domain mediumAltitudeWindVelocity 2 PhysicalQuantity) Weather.kif 216-216
(domain navigableForShippingTonnage 2 PhysicalQuantity) Transportation.kif 2608-2608
(domain resonantFrequency 2 PhysicalQuantity) Cars.kif 820-820
(domain surfaceWindSpeed 2 PhysicalQuantity) Weather.kif 124-124

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    (instance ?CHART Chart)
    (exists (?QUANTITY)
            (instance ?QUANTITY PhysicalQuantity)
            (refers ?CHART ?QUANTITY))))
Mid-level-ontology.kif 10852-10857
    (instance ?G Chart)
    (exists (?Q)
            (instance ?Q PhysicalQuantity)
            (refers ?G ?Q))))
Mid-level-ontology.kif 10881-10886

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