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Sigma KEE - Set

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation Set ChineseLanguage "这是个 SetOrClass 能满足延伸性和由集合理论的某些选择所指定 的其他约束。Set 在两个重要方面与 Classes 不同:第一,Sets 是可以延伸的 - 两个拥有一样 elementSet 是相同的。第二,一个 Set 可以是一堆随意组成的东西。这就是说 Set 不需要具有确定 其成员资格的相关联条件。注:我们并没有假设每个 Set 为独一无二的集合,即是说一个 Set 的组员可以在那个 Set 出现超过一次。") chinese_format.kif 1811-1815
(documentation Set EnglishLanguage "A SetOrClass that satisfies extensionality as well as other constraints specified by some choice of set theory. Sets differ from Classes in two important respects. First, Sets are extensional - two Sets with the same elements are identical. Second, a Set can be an arbitrary stock of objects. That is, there is no requirement that Sets have an associated condition that determines their membership. Note that Sets are not assumed to be unique sets, i.e. elements of a Set may occur more than once in the Set.") Merge.kif 2063-2070
(subclass Set SetOrClass) Merge.kif 2061-2061

appearance as argument number 2

(partition SetOrClass Set Class) Merge.kif 2042-2042
(range PropertyFn Set) Merge.kif 4126-4126
(subclass FiniteSet Set) Merge.kif 5261-5261
(subclass NonNullSet Set) Merge.kif 5251-5251
(subclass NullSet Set) Merge.kif 5240-5240
(subclass SetOfEquations Set) engineering.kif 204-204
(termFormat ChineseLanguage Set "集合") chinese_format.kif 887-887
(termFormat EnglishLanguage Set "set") english_format.kif 981-981

appearance as argument number 3

(domain element 2 Set) Merge.kif 5139-5139
(domain subset 1 Set) Merge.kif 5122-5122
(domain subset 2 Set) Merge.kif 5123-5123


        (instance ?X BreakingRecord)
        (agent ?X ?A1))
    (exists (?AC ?PC ?P1 ?TP ?ROLE ?L ?Q)
            (instance ?AC Set)
            (instance ?A1 ?AC)
            (subclass ?PC Process)
            (subclass ?L Region)
            (instance ?TP TimePoint)
            (instance ?Q Quantity)
            (refers ?X ?Q)
            (refers ?Q ?PC)
            (playsRoleInEvent ?A1 ?ROLE ?P1)
            (eventLocated ?P1 ?L)
                (exists (?A2 ?P2)
                        (instance ?A2 ?AC)
                            (equal ?A2 ?A1))
                        (instance ?P2 ?PC)
                            (TimeIntervalFn ?TP
                                    (WhenFn ?X)))
                                (playsRoleInEvent ?A2 ?ROLE ?P2)
                                (eventLocated ?P2 ?L)))))))))
Mid-level-ontology.kif 28228-28257

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