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Sigma KEE - Frosting

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation Frosting ChineseLanguage "FrostingIce Crystal 褂在 Solid Object 或积聚的 Process。") Weather.kif 2499-2500
(documentation Frosting EnglishLanguage "Frosting is the Process by which a coating or deposit of Ice Crystals form on the surface of Solid Objects.") Weather.kif 2497-2498
(subclass Frosting Deposition) Weather.kif 2501-2501
(subclass Frosting WeatherProcess) Weather.kif 2502-2502

appearance as argument number 2

(termFormat ChineseLanguage Frosting "霜") Weather.kif 2503-2503


    (instance ?FROST Frosting)
    (exists (?ICE ?OBJ)
            (instance ?ICE Ice)
            (attribute ?ICE MonoCrystalline)
            (patient ?FROST ?ICE)
            (instance ?OBJ Object)
            (attribute ?OBJ Solid)
            (destination ?FROST ?OBJ)
            (meetsSpatially ?FROST ?OBJ))))
Weather.kif 2505-2515

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