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Sigma KEE - EmotionalVoiceUtterances

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation EmotionalVoiceUtterances EnglishLanguage "The vocal utterances associated with the characteristic sound of an emotion. Obviously, any particular emotional instance may be associated with a great variety of different types of voice utterances or no voice utterances at all. However, "canonical" or characteristic voice utterances can be associated with core emotions.") emotion.kif 91-96
(subclass EmotionalVoiceUtterances EmotionalSpeakingBehavior) emotion.kif 97-97

appearance as argument number 2

(subclass AngryVoiceUtterance EmotionalVoiceUtterances) emotion.kif 1847-1847
(subclass DisgustedVoiceUtterance EmotionalVoiceUtterances) emotion.kif 1897-1897
(subclass FearfulVoiceUtterance EmotionalVoiceUtterances) emotion.kif 1960-1960
(subclass HappyVoiceUtterance EmotionalVoiceUtterances) emotion.kif 1881-1881
(subclass SadVoiceUtterance EmotionalVoiceUtterances) emotion.kif 1869-1869
(subclass SurprisedVoiceUtterance EmotionalVoiceUtterances) emotion.kif 1830-1830
(termFormat EnglishLanguage EmotionalVoiceUtterances "emotional voice utterances") emotion.kif 89-90


    (instance ?EVU EmotionalVoiceUtterances)
        (exists (?E)
                (instance ?E EmotionalState)
                (attribute ?A ?E)))
        (agent ?EVU ?A)))
emotion.kif 99-106

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