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Sigma KEE - Reading
Reading(reading)anagram, anagrammatise, anagrammatize, browse, browsing, dip_into, flick, flip, leaf, numerate, perusal, peruse, perusing, poring_over, proof, proofread, read, reread, riff, riffle, scan, skim, skim_over, skimming, spell_out, studying, thumb, unread, well-read

VerbNet: investigate-35.4|riffle, investigate-35.4|riffle, investigate-35.4|riffle, sight-30.2|peruse, assessment-34.1|proofread, assessment-34.1|proofread, investigate-35.4|riffle, investigate-35.4|riffle, investigate-35.4|riffle,

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation Reading ChineseLanguage "这属于 ContentDevelopmentsubclass,当中内容 由书面形式转成口述。注:若默读 Text 的话,则应作 Interpreting 类别处理。") chinese_format.kif 3201-3202
(documentation Reading EnglishLanguage "A subclass of ContentDevelopment in which content is converted from a written form into a spoken representation. Note that the class Interpreting should be used in cases where a Text is read silently.") Merge.kif 11757-11760
(relatedInternalConcept Reading Interpreting) Merge.kif 11756-11756 Reading is internally related to interpreting
(subclass Reading ContentDevelopment) Merge.kif 11755-11755 Reading is a subclass of content development

appearance as argument number 2

(termFormat ChineseLanguage Reading "朗读") chinese_format.kif 1178-1178
(termFormat EnglishLanguage Reading "reading") english_format.kif 1578-1578


    (instance ?READ Reading)
    (exists (?TEXT ?PROP)
            (instance ?TEXT Text)
            (containsInformation ?TEXT ?PROP)
            (realization ?READ ?PROP))))
Merge.kif 11762-11768


    (attribute ?H LiteracyAttribute)
        (hasSkill Reading ?H)
        (hasSkill Writing ?H)))
Mid-level-ontology.kif 12727-12731 Literacy attribute is an attribute of an agent if and only if the agent the skill to do reading and the agent the skill to do writing

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