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Sigma KEE - Ingesting

VerbNet: addict-96|addict, devour-39.4|ingest, gobble-39.3|swallow, devour-39.4|ingest, addict-96|addict, devour-39.4|ingest, hiccup-40.1.1|snuffle, hiccup-40.1.1|snuffle, dine-39.5|sup, gobble-39.3|swallow, devour-39.4|ingest, devour-39.4|ingest,

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation Ingesting ChineseLanguage "这是 Animal 进食的 Process。") chinese_format.kif 2908-2908
(documentation Ingesting EnglishLanguage "The Process by which food is taken into an Animal.") Merge.kif 9504-9505
(subclass Ingesting OrganismProcess) Merge.kif 9502-9502

appearance as argument number 2

(biochemicalAgentDelivery BacillusAnthracis Ingesting) WMD.kif 282-282
(biochemicalAgentDelivery BacillusCereus Ingesting) WMD.kif 1710-1710
(biochemicalAgentDelivery BlisterAgent Ingesting) WMD.kif 473-473
(biochemicalAgentDelivery BotulinumToxin Ingesting) WMD.kif 326-326
(biochemicalAgentDelivery BurkholderiaPseudomallei Ingesting) WMD.kif 375-375
(biochemicalAgentDelivery ClostridiumPerfringens Ingesting) WMD.kif 342-342
(biochemicalAgentDelivery CoxiellaBurnetii Ingesting) WMD.kif 1164-1164
(biochemicalAgentDelivery EpsilonToxin Ingesting) WMD.kif 350-350
(biochemicalAgentDelivery EscherichiaColi0157H7 Ingesting) WMD.kif 1580-1580
(biochemicalAgentDelivery HepatitisAVirus Ingesting) WMD.kif 1642-1642
(biochemicalAgentDelivery LassaVirus Ingesting) WMD.kif 1718-1718
(biochemicalAgentDelivery Rotavirus Ingesting) WMD.kif 1678-1678
(biochemicalAgentDelivery SalmonellaTyphi Ingesting) WMD.kif 1265-1265
(biochemicalAgentDelivery Saxitoxin Ingesting) WMD.kif 1353-1353
(biochemicalAgentDelivery ShigellaDysenteriae Ingesting) WMD.kif 1245-1245
(biochemicalAgentDelivery StaphylococcalEnterotoxinB Ingesting) WMD.kif 1338-1338
(biochemicalAgentDelivery VibrioCholera Ingesting) WMD.kif 1390-1390
(subclass Drinking Ingesting) Merge.kif 9524-9524
(subclass Eating Ingesting) Merge.kif 9513-9513
(termFormat ChineseLanguage Ingesting "消化") chinese_format.kif 1079-1079
(termFormat EnglishLanguage Ingesting "ingesting") english_format.kif 1374-1374

appearance as argument number 3

(diseaseTreatment Anthrax Ciprofloxacin Ingesting) WMD.kif 1059-1059
(diseaseTreatment Anthrax Doxycycline Ingesting) WMD.kif 1058-1058
(diseaseTreatment BurkholderiaMallei Ciprofloxacin Ingesting) WMD.kif 359-359
(diseaseTreatment LouseBorneTyphus OralAntibiotic Ingesting) WMD.kif 273-273
(diseaseTreatment Pertussis Antibiotic Ingesting) WMD.kif 1438-1438
(diseaseTreatment RockyMountainSpottedFever OralAntibiotic Ingesting) WMD.kif 261-261
(diseaseTreatment Tuberculosis OralAntibiotic Ingesting) WMD.kif 1592-1592
(diseaseTreatment TyphoidFever Antibiotic Ingesting) WMD.kif 1271-1271


        (instance ?ACT Ingesting)
        (resource ?ACT ?FOOD))
    (instance ?FOOD
        (FoodForFn Organism)))
Merge.kif 9507-9511


        (instance ?DIGEST Digesting)
        (agent ?DIGEST ?ORGANISM))
    (exists (?INGEST)
            (instance ?INGEST Ingesting)
            (agent ?INGEST ?ORGANISM)
                (WhenFn ?INGEST)
                (WhenFn ?DIGEST)))))
Merge.kif 9542-9550
        (instance ?O Organism)
        (instance ?E Egg)
        (attribute ?O Embryonic)
        (part ?O ?E))
    (exists (?Y)
            (instance ?Y EggYolk)
            (hasPurpose ?Y
                (exists (?I)
                        (instance ?I Ingesting)
                        (agent ?I ?O)
                        (resource ?I ?Y)))))))
Food.kif 586-600
    (diseaseTreatment ?DISEASE OralAntibiotic ?PROCESS)
    (subclass ?PROCESS Ingesting))
WMD.kif 1200-1202
    (instance ?T Tableware)
    (hasPurpose ?T
        (exists (?I)
                (instance ?I Ingesting)
                (instrument ?I ?T)))))
Mid-level-ontology.kif 2709-2715

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