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Abstract) Abstract)
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AbortedLaunchFn (aborted launch) Zucchini (Zucchini)
AbortedMissionFn (aborted mission) Zud (zud)
Aborting (aborting) ZuliaColombia (zulia colombia)
Above (above) ZuluBantuMixedLanguage (zulu bantu mixed language)
AboveTheLine (above the line) ZuluBasedPidginLanguage (zulu based pidgin language)
AbrasiveProductManufacturing (abrasive product manufacturing) ZuluLanguage (ZuluLanguage)
AbrinToxin (abrin toxin) ZumaiaSpain (zumaia spain)
AbruzzeseCuisine (Abruzzese Cuisine) ZumarragaSpain (zumarraga spain)
Absolut (Absolut) Zumba (Zumba)
AbsoluteAltimeter (absolute altimeter) ZuniLanguage (zuni language)
AbsoluteDud (absolute dud) ZvornikBosniaAndHerzegovina (zvornik bosnia and herzegovina)
AbsoluteFilter (absolute filter) abbreviatedDisplayTitle (abbreviatedDisplayTitle)
AbsoluteMonarchy (absolute monarchy) abbreviation (abbreviation)
AbsoluteValueFn (absolute value) absoluteHeight (absolute height)
Abstract (abstract) absorbedDose (absorbed dose)
Abstract) abstract)
AbstractionFn (abstraction) abstractCounterpart (abstractCounterpart)
AbstractionLevelAttribute (abstraction level attribute) abstractPart (part)
AbunLanguage (abun language) abstractionLevel (abstraction level)
AcademicDegree (academic degree) accessibleFromMenu (accessibleFromMenu)
Acapella (acapella) accessibleFromMenuItem (accessibleFromMenuItem)
AcatepecTlapanecoLanguage (acatepec tlapaneco language) accommodationProvider (accommodations provider)
Accelerating (accelerating) accountAt (account at)
AccelerationFn (AccelerationFn) accountAtSite (account at site)
Accelerometer (Accelerometer) accountHolder (account holder)
AcceptsICJJurisdiction (acceptsICJ jurisdiction) accountNumber (account number)
AccessingWebPage (AccessingWebPage) accountPhoneNumber (accountPhoneNumber)
Accommodation (accommodation) accountStatus (account status)
AccommodationAndFoodServices (accommodation and food services) accountUsed (account used)
AccountAttribute (account attribute) accruedInterest (accrued interest)
AccountFn (account) achievement (achievement)
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