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Sigma KEE - BallJoint
BallJoint(ball joint)

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(documentation BallJoint EnglishLanguage "A ball joint allows for travel of two linked entities, where if one entity is fixed, the other can travel on paths that describe a portion of the surface of a sphere. A typical application is a linkage between the Wheels and AutoSuspensionSystem. A spring is typically included in order to reduce vibration.") Cars.kif 1363-1366
(externalImage BallJoint " 0/ 0f/ Ball_joint_cross_section.jpg/ 220px-Ball_joint_cross_section.jpg") Cars.kif 1361-1361
(subclass BallJoint MechanicalJoint) Cars.kif 1360-1360 Ball joint is a subclass of mechanical joint

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(termFormat EnglishLanguage BallJoint "ball joint") Cars.kif 1367-1367
(typicallyContainsPart Spring BallJoint) Cars.kif 1368-1368 A ball joint typically has a part spring

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