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Sigma KEE - watchingListings

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation watchingListings EnglishLanguage "(watchingListings ?USER ?COLL ?SITE) relates a registeredUser of the WebSite ?SITE to the Collection ?COLL of items that user is 'watching' on the site. It is likely the user desires there to be Buyings of the Objects which are the patients of the Listings being watched.") UXExperimentalTerms.kif 1431-1434
(domain watchingListings 1 Agent) UXExperimentalTerms.kif 1438-1438 The number 1 argument of watching listings is an instance of agent
(domain watchingListings 2 Collection) UXExperimentalTerms.kif 1440-1440 The number 2 argument of watching listings is an instance of collection
(domain watchingListings 3 WebSite) UXExperimentalTerms.kif 1442-1442 The number 3 argument of watching listings is an instance of WebSite
(instance watchingListings TernaryPredicate) UXExperimentalTerms.kif 1429-1429 watching listings is an instance of ternary predicate

appearance as argument number 2

(format EnglishLanguage watchingListings "user %1 on %3 is watching %2") domainEnglishFormat.kif 1247-1247
(termFormat EnglishLanguage watchingListings "watching listings") UXExperimentalTerms.kif 1436-1436 "watching listings" is the printable form of watching listings in english language


        (watchingListings ?USER ?COLL ?SITE)
        (instance ?LISTING WebListing)
        (instance ?OBJ Object)
        (patient ?LISTING ?OBJ)
        (member ?LISTING ?COLL))
        (desires ?USER
            (exists (?BUYING)
                    (instance ?BUYING Buying)
                    (patient ?BUYING ?OBJ)
                    (agent ?BUYING ?USER)))) Likely))
UXExperimentalTerms.kif 1454-1468
        (watchingListings ?USER ?COLL ?SITE)
        (member ?LISTING ?COLL))
    (instance ?LISTING WebListing))
UXExperimentalTerms.kif 1448-1452
    (watchingListings ?USE ?COLL ?SITE)
    (registeredUser ?USER ?SRITE))
UXExperimentalTerms.kif 1444-1446


        (instance ?WATCH WatchItem)
        (instance ?OBJ Object)
        (patient ?WATCH ?OBJ)
        (agent ?WATCH ?USER))
    (exists (?COLL ?SITE ?AFTER)
            (instance ?COLL Collection)
            (instance ?SITE WebSite)
            (instance ?INTERVAL TimeInterval)
            (watchingListings ?USER ?COLL ?SITE)
                (BeginFn ?INTERVAL)
                (EndFn ?WATCH))
            (holdsDuring ?AFTER
                (member ?OBJ ?COLL)))))
UXExperimentalTerms.kif 1811-1827

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