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Sigma KEE - EngineersSubprocess
EngineersSubprocess(engineers subprocess)engineers_subprocess

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(documentation EngineersSubprocess EnglishLanguage "a class of subprocesses that are needed to design and operate an engineering system") engineering.kif 1190-1191
(subclass EngineersSubprocess IntentionalProcess) engineering.kif 1192-1192 Engineers subprocess is a subclass of intentional process

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(subclass EngineersProcess EngineersSubprocess) engineering.kif 1196-1196 Engineers process is a subclass of engineers subprocess
(subclass SystemDesign EngineersSubprocess) engineering.kif 1220-1220 System design is a subclass of engineers subprocess
(subclass SystemSpecification EngineersSubprocess) engineering.kif 1215-1215 System specification is a subclass of engineers subprocess
(termFormat EnglishLanguage EngineersSubprocess "engineers subprocess") domainEnglishFormat.kif 4109-4109 "engineers subprocess" is the printable form of engineers subprocess in english language

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