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or__ms__instance or__ms__instance
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OphthalmicGoodsManufacturing (ophthalmic goods manufacturing) objectTransferred (objectTransferred)
OphthalmicGoodsWholesalers (ophthalmic goods wholesalers) observedAtTimeInPlace (observed at time in place)
Opium (opium) observesHoliday (observesHoliday)
OpiumPoppy (opium poppy) occupation (occupation)
OpiumPoppyFarming (opium poppy farming) occupiesPosition (occupies position)
OpticalDevice (optical device) offers (offers)
OpticalDisc (OpticalDisc) offersAtTime (offersAtTime)
OpticalDiscDrive (OpticalDiscDrive) older (older)
OpticalGoodsStores (optical goods stores) onOrientation (on orientation)
OpticalInstrumentAndLensManufacturing (optical instrument and lens manufacturing) onboard (onboard)
Optimization (optimization) operator (operator)
Option (option) oppositeDirection (opposite direction)
OptionStrategy (option strategy) optionHolder (option holder)
Oqal (oqal) optionSeller (option seller)
OrYehudaIsrael (or yehuda israel) or (or)
Or__ms__instance or__ms__instance
OralAntibiotic (oral antibiotic) orbits (orbits)
OranAlgeria (oran algeria) orderFor (order for)
OrangeColor (orange color) orgStaff (organization staff)
OrangeFruit (orange fruit) organizationName (organizationName)
OrangeGroves (orange groves) organizationProductType (organization product type)
Orbita (orbita) organizationRepresentative (organizationRepresentative)
Orchard (Orchard) organizationServiceType (organization service type)
Orchestra (orchestra) organizationalObjective (organizational objective)
OrchestralConducting (orchestral conducting) orientation (orientation)
Orchid (orchid) origin (origin)
Order (order) originalBalance (original balance)
Ordering (ordering) originalExpressedInLanguage (original expressed in language)
OrdinaryDifferentialEquation (ordinary differential equation) originalTitle (originalTitle)
OreCarrierShip (ore carrier ship) orthogonalTests (managed orthogonal)
Oregon (Oregon) otherLandUseArea (other land use area)
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