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not__ms__member not__ms__member
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NorthernWakashanLanguage (northern wakashan language) nationalHoliday (national holiday)
NorthernYukaghirLanguage (northern yukaghir language) naturalHazardTypeInArea (natural hazard type in area)
Northwest (northwest) naturalResourceTypeInArea (natural resource type in area)
NorthwestPashayiLanguage (northwest pashayi language) navigableForDraft (navigable for draft)
NorthwestPassage (northwest passage) navigableForShippingTonnage (navigable for shipping tonnage)
NorthwesternIranianLanguage (northwestern iranian language) nearOrientation (near orientation)
NorthwesternZoneIndoAryanLanguage (northwestern zone indo aryan language) needs (needs)
Norway (norway) negotiatedPrice (negotiatedPrice)
NorwegianCuisine (Norwegian Cuisine) neighbor (neighbor)
NorwegianKrone (norwegian krone) nephew (nephew)
NorwegianLanguage (NorwegianLanguage) netAmount (net amount)
NorwegianSignLanguage (norwegian sign language) netWorth (net worth)
Nose (nose) newRegisteredUsers (new registered users)
Nostril (nostril) niece (niece)
NotSpeaking (not speaking) not (not)
Not__ms__member not__ms__member
Note (note) nounGender (nounGender)
Noun (noun) numberAdultOccupant (number of adult occupants)
NounPhrase (noun phrase) numberChildOccupant (number of child occupants)
Novel (novel) numberOccupant (number of occupants)
November (November) numberOfCPUs (number of CPUs)
NovogroznyRussia (novogrozny russia) numberOfCustomers (numberOfCustomers)
NovyyAtagiRussia (novyy atagi russia) numberOfFloors (number of floors)
NoxiousSubstance (noxious substance) numberSeniorOccupant (number of senior occupants)
NpnTransistor (npn transistor) objectGeographicCoordinates (object geographic coordinates)
NubiLanguage (nubi language) objectOfBid (object of bidding)
NuclearDisarmament (nuclear disarmament) objectTransferred (objectTransferred)
NuclearElectricPowerGeneration (nuclear electric power generation) observedAtTimeInPlace (observed at time in place)
NuclearEnergyAgency (nuclear energy agency) observesHoliday (observesHoliday)
NuclearEnvironmentalIssue (nuclear environmental issue) occupation (occupation)
NuclearExportControls (nuclear export controls) occupiesPosition (occupies position)
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