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Sigma KEE - considers

appearance as argument number 1

s__documentation(s__considers__m,s__ChineseLanguage,'(considers ?AGENT ?FORMULA) 的意思是 ?AGENT 在 考虑或怀疑 ?FORMULA 所表达的命题是否真实。')

Merge.kif 2984-2985
s__documentation(s__considers__m,s__EnglishLanguage,'(considers ?AGENT ?FORMULA) means that ?AGENT considers or wonders about the truth of the proposition expressed by ?FORMULA.')

Merge.kif 2981-2983

Merge.kif 2979-2979 The number 1 argument of considers is an instance of cognitive agent

Merge.kif 2980-2980 The number 2 argument of considers is an instance of formula

Merge.kif 2977-2977 considers is an instance of binary predicate

Merge.kif 2976-2976 considers is an instance of propositional attitude

Merge.kif 2978-2978 considers is a subrelation of in scope of interest

appearance as argument number 2

s__format(s__ChineseLanguage,s__considers__m,'%1 %n{doesnt} considers %2')

chinese_format.kif 79-79
s__format(s__EnglishLanguage,s__considers__m,'%1 %n{doesnt} consider%p{s} %2')

english_format.kif 66-66
s__format(s__FrenchLanguage,s__considers__m,'%1 %n{ne} consid�re %n{pas} %2')

french_format.kif 64-64
s__format(s__ItalianLanguage,s__considers__m,'%1 %n{non} considera%p{s} %2')

relations-it.txt 56-56
s__format(s__PortugueseLanguage,s__considers__m,'%1 %n{nao} considera %n %2')

portuguese_format.kif 16-16
s__format(s__ar__m,s__considers__m,'%1 %n{لا} يَعْتَبِر %2')

arabic_format.kif 14-14
s__format(s__cz__m,s__considers__m,'%1 %n{doesnt} consider%p{s} %2')

relations-cz.txt 99-99
s__format(s__de__m,s__considers__m,'%1 betrachtet %2 %n{nicht}')

relations-de.txt 89-89
s__format(s__hi__m,s__considers__m,'%1 %2 ke baare men vichaara %n karataa hai')

relations-hindi.txt 97-97
s__format(s__tg__m,s__considers__m,'%1 %n inisipin %2')

relations-cb.txt 90-90

chinese_format.kif 80-80 "考虑" is the printable form of considers in ChineseLanguage

domainEnglishFormat.kif 3203-3203 "considers" is the printable form of considers in english language

arabic_format.kif 464-464 "«يَعْتَبِر»" is the printable form of considers in ar

relations-tg.txt 129-129 "inisipin" is the printable form of considers in tg


No TPTP formula. May not be expressible in strict first order. Merge.kif 2998-3001

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